Thursday, July 15, 2010


You didn't see me - right?
Forget everything you have read here - it didn't happen.
Another weak has gun by. Beautiful sunny weather for the mostly part. A little bit of rain is most welkum. Kool soft flowing drippy wet rain. Just the job for the garden. You should hear the moaning- oh no- what awful wevver! People have short memories.
I cant be bothered to look in my diary t see what happened last week. It wasn't all that exciting. On Sunday we went to the boot sale at Weaverham. I got a few daft films including a Russian sword and scullery epic called Wolfhound that was a bit like a cross between LOTR and Monty Python and the Holy Grail. very funny in parts but I'm sure it wasn't suppozed to bee.
Taking grate joy in seeing the words being underloined in red.
Hazel got a few bits for her blog including a tin of pen nibs and lots of plants for the hanging baskets. Archie bought a big jigsaw of a planes cockpit and dials for Audrey and Granma to do. He just wanted the picture on the front for his art project about control panels. He's making some out of card but hopes to make a larger one.

Wednesday again and a walk into town. Borrowed a Sweded film about vampires from the libary. Had a chat with Betty in the Age Concern shop. No boots this week she said- maybe one at the pub in Weaverham. Looks like rain anyway. Luvvly rain to make the grass grow. To make it all grin again.


Elefantus said...

HI Michael, I knew the Royal Mail was quick but I never expect this quick! Your parcel arrived this morning!! Thank you so much for the elly badges. I really appreciate it. Ciao, E.

wastedpapiers said...

Glad the badges arrived ok Ennio. I have been saving them for you.