Friday, April 16, 2010

Volcanic Ash Cloud

Neglecting my blog for a while- time to catch up. Have been having fun with these illustrated lists of randon songs plucked from the record shelves for a Flickr group started by Big Al.
Hazel was supposed to fly to Glasgow yesterday for a conference about Museums ( part of her Manchester Art Gallery project ) but ofcourse thwarted by the cloud of volcanic ash floating over from Iceland! You couldn't make it up! Hazel feels like she's in some version of The Truman Show.
Over Easter we didnt do much except for recover from our trip to Wales and go to a few boot sales. The one on Frodsham was pretty dull and I only got a silly game for 60p. Hazel found a few bits and bobs. Archie came too which was unusual but he didnt find anything. The ground was like a quagmire at Sutton Fields too. Very depressing. Stopped off at Lady Hayes to look round the antique rooms and the book piles. Not much here either. Hazel bought some candles from the Spit the Dog chap.
Drove to Chester the next day for a wander round the charity shops. Hazel bought herself a dress in Morgans. I bought a CD case and some corn pads which I put on by the Cathredral walls as my toe was throbbing. Lots of Japanese and French tourists wandering by obviously thinking this must be a strange english ceremony of some sort.
Hazel and Archie laid the turf we bought at B&Q. the next day. Lawn looks pretty good now a few days later- all the lines joining up and blending in.
We rolled the turf down the back passage on a skateboard much to the amusement of the neighbours I expect.
Have not seen much of our new Polish neighbours but the little boy was out in the garden the other day kicking the ball about and it came over our garden once or twice and he was very polite in asking for it back. I told him he should get a longer pole with a net on the end and he just looked at me blankly so I guess his english isn't as good as I thought.
Hazel picked the winner of the Grand National and won 50p off me and Archie. Shame she didn't go down the bookies!
Nice pile of old Honky Tonk tapes from John Mister . Ive added a few to my audio blog. I made him some CD copies and sent them off.
The boot sale was in Tarporley this Sunday. Got a set of Ealing comedies for three quid and some old VHS tapes fro 25p each including Vampire Circus, The Adama Family and Django ( spaghetti western ). More nice sunny weather.
Hazel in garden cutting down some branches to let more light into the garden.
Dave Smith was supposed to come over Tuesday but got the day wrong so we ate the salmon we had cooked. The next day he did turn up and we had salmon leftovers in a quiche which turned out OK. Lots of salad and cake too. Yum!
So that's about it in a nutshell. Still the volcanic ash blows out way but lovely blue sky outside so hard to imagine it's up there!

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