Monday, December 17, 2007

Xmas is Upon Us!

Archies animation for Xmas is HERE. You must be warned though it's not for people of a nervous disposition! I added a soundtrack to try and cover Santa's groans.

Teenager's eh?
Meanwhile the cards have all been sent out and the presents wrapped and the cake stirred and mince pies eaten and another load made and they were eaten too! Its not even Boxing Day yet and I feel bloated and unhealthy. Goodness knows what I'll feel like next week!
We popped into town this morning to get a few "bits" and I got my Christmas haircut. I look rather chilly round the old lug'oles. My neck feels itchy with all the clippings. Then to LIDL to get some de-icer for the car but they didnt sell it but managed to fill a trolley with all manner of junk- biscuits, those german cakes, beer, wine, custard, pickles and not forgetting the baby cheeses.

Archie is just home from school complaing about his teachers. The one that made them watch half of "TROY" on video yesterday and then didnt play the rest today but made them watch "Friends". Very educational!
The house across the street where Mr & Mrs Mather used to live is being gutted by a builder. Sounds like he will do a good job and restore the old windows and improve the look of the place which was pretty awful. Its been empty for years so rising damp and leaky roof need to be seen to. He's just filled one skip full of MDF and crappy kitcen cabinets etc. and another has just arrived to be filled.


wastedpapiers said... mustn't forget the little baby cheeses at Xmas....

Roger Stevens said...

Got the joke the first time, Michael. Ho ho ho!

Your card arrived today. And very nice it is too. It kind of matches something we've sent you. It's an odd present to send really, so don't get too excited.

Our Chrissypresents are more or less all bought now. Just about to a eat a chicken and squash (the vegetable, not the drink) casserole and then we're orf to the theatre to see The 39 Steps, which has become a comedy somewhere along the line.

Meanwhile I'm trying to set up myspace page, but not having much luck. See if you can find it.


Anonymous said...

Hazel said...sorry that was me roger..I meant for it to be baby jesus....get it...

wastedpapiers said...

Oh, ba-by chee- sus ! I get it!

I always though the 39 steps WAS a comedy, especially the old creaky Hitchcock version with Robert Do-nuts.

MySpace eh? You'll be on Face Book next! Blogger is quite good - have you tried that?

What about Flickr? You really should get online you know - its the latest thing in communicashun. I fink it's brill.

Look forward to the odd present. They're our favourites!

Dylan Hunt said...

I love this one...
the family photos do it best

wastedpapiers said...

Thanks for dropping by Dylan. Always good to see a fellow Scrapiteria member here!