Monday, January 22, 2007

Windy Weekend

Heres Archie looking very tiny at school when they had to interview the Tory MP "Ozzy" Osborne, who managed to keep his foul mouth in check the whole time for which he must be congratulated.
Gale force winds last week took a few tiles off the neighbours roof and a bit of guttering. Luckliy we managed to escape unscathed. Have I said all this before?
Hazel and Archie were coughing and sneezing all weekend but were well enough today to return to college and school.
I went down town this morning for my daily constitutional. I found some old 78's in the Help The Aged. All 50p each. Worth buying for the lovely sleeve art. Especially glad to find the Uncle Mac Nursery Rhymes- a three disc set in special fold out sleeve ( mostly disintegrated ). Also a Spike Jones and a yodeller I'd never heard of. Soon to be fetaured on Boot Sale Sounds.

Thankfully the winds have subsided and it's a nice sunny if nippy day. Just been watching the news of the container ship run aground off the Devon coast and the wreckage on the beach. Lots of beachcombers with BMW bikes, exhaust pipes, engines, wine casks and other flotsam, etc. wheeling their finds away , looking very pleased with themselves.


hazel said...

Its George Osborne..shadow chancellor...or something equally as high flying...
I told ARchie to ask him is power corrupts but the teacher wouldn't let him ask it...!!tee hee

michael said...

Do we ever see him on the telly though? ofcourse not- they are such a pathetic opposition- even the Lib Dems get more airtime than them these days!

Anonymous said...

Ozzy Osbourne? I must be more paranoid than i thought!