Thursday, January 18, 2007

Poorly Peeps

The wind is whistling down the chimney like a thing possessed. I can't quite catch the tune. Hazel and Archie are both off college and school today dues to bad colds, sore throats, coughs, wheezes, sneezles etc. Thankfully I haven't caught it yet. I'm up and down the stairs like a fiddler's yo-yo.
Yesterday I went to local shops to get the paper. Archie managed to wheedle himself into it again. There he is on page 12 next to the Tory MP for Tatton who I can never remember. A selected group from all years had to interview him. I think Archie's question was " What do you think of the school league tables?" when all we really wanted to ask was "Why are you making such a hash of being the opposition party?"

Flo had to go and have her bum scraped and her nails trimmed as they were beginning to curl up and look like talons. She wasn't a happy bunny! Still traumatised by her ordeal she glowers at us from the deepest recesses of her hutch.
I went to the dentist for bi-annual inspection and scrape. Thankfully nothing serious showed up on x-rays. Arggh! The old water jet torture! Glub glub! Nasty weather for the time of year. Glub glub! A lot milder though. Glub glub!

Made some more "headers" for my copious blogs. Made salad and baked spuds and leftover lasagne. Yum!


Adele Prince said...

Wishes of good health to the family, horrible bugs, urrrghgh.

We are being blown away here too: fence has blown down and wheelie bins are causing chaos.

Glad you didn't get your dental check-up confused with Flo's veterinary visit... ;)

michael said...

Thanks Adele. Yes, could be very embarressing.
I had to chase down the road again to get a neighbour's wheelie bin that had blown into the road and liable to cause some damage. A few monets later a huge gust blew a neighbors guttering down and a few slates! Ouch! We are watching the car incase anything lands on it!

Hazel got up breifly for food and has gone back to bed again. Archie is sneezing his head off. Hopefully they will be feeling better tomorrow.

Syl said...

Ohhh, poor'll pay for such treatment tonite! thump thump thump!

Ha! Now you know how my work is...sure hope Hazel & Archie only have colds, though they can be miserable. Drink you Vit C, Michael!

LOVE your new headings, especially this one. You outdid yourself, even.

Take care, all...and hello from

hazel said...

Thankfully the wind and the thumps have died down a little and hopefully we shall be able to sleep tonight without fear of the chimney crashing through into the bedroom! Some terrible accidents due to the gales in lots of places. People killed by falling trees etc. so we got off lightly.
Hazel and Archie are feeling a little better too despite the sniffles. The school has closed for tomorrow due to an "Unsafe building" so Archie is happy to get another day off but concerned it might have been his beloved conker tree that had blown over!

Thanks for your concern Syl. I'm going to squeeze some oranges right away!