Tuesday, January 16, 2007

New Header's For Old

Thanks to Madeline I have been able to do away with a few old "headers" on my blogs and made my own from bits lying about on the floor of my room. It really is quite easy once you know how. I don't know why everyone doesn't do it. Hazel wants one now for her blog. I can see this will keep me busy for a while. I can change them when I get sick of them too which will be nice.

Went into town yesterday and got my ear bent in the bank by an officious woman, determined to sell me insurance and other stuff I didn't want! I came out feeling rather depressed by it all. Thankfully soon cheered up when I found a great inter-active CD-ROM in a charity shop for one-fifty. Its the Ceremony Of Innocence on the Real World label from 1997. Despite being an ancient 10 years old it still worked and is like an inter-active story based on the Griffin and Sabine Trilogy by Nick Bantock. It's full of surprises and visual delights - the cursor turns into butterflies and lizards etc. and the correspondence beteen Griffin and Sabine ( mostly postcards ) come to life in all kinds of clever and intriguing ways.

It's raining today so staying in to continue with collage making and "header" uploading.


Anonymous said...

Michael, The "header" turned out magnificently! Madeline is a wonderful teacher.

madretz said...

Hurray! So happy that you were able to post your headers!

I love Nick Bantock. I have nearly all of his books. Many of them signed. :) I used to work for the company who manufactures his rubber stamps.

michael said...

Thanks to both of you for helping me liven up my blog! I'm glad you like the headers. I think the Boot Sale Sounds one needs a bit of work but hopefully I can improve it and the others in due course.

I never knew Nick Bantock designed rubber stamps too. A clever man indeed!

madretz said...

If you'd like to see his stamps, they're at www.limitededitionrs.com. Just click on the "Rubber Stamps" tab, 2nd from the left, and click on his stamps in the 2nd row.
Have your read his book Urgent 2nd Class? He uses a lot of his stamps in that book.
He is very clever and witty as all get out!

michael said...

Thanks for the link Madeline - they are great! I have some similar amongst my collection (over 1,500) . I love all those old postage cancellation stamps in particular. I havent seen any of his books I must admit - this CD-ROM is the first thing I've ever seen of his.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I just happened upon your post in my search for Nick Bantock rubber stamps. I'm trying to locate a particular image from a stamp that used to be for sale on the website you mentioned, but of course, years later is not the same website.

The image I am looking for is of an umbrella being held by a hand attached to a mechanism. Would you happen to have this stamp or know anyone who does? I'm simply looking for a scan of the image. Or would gladly purchase the stamp if available.

Thank you,