Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Typically spooky All Hallows Eve with the internet being invaded by ghosts and gremlins. It was still down when we went to bed last night but back up again this morning thankfully so dont have to phone somebody in India to find out what what to do! Now the electricity has gone off and half an hour later is back on again. More gremlins?
The usual visiting witches and mini-ghouls and soon the basket of goodies was looking very bare indeed! Luckliy they stopped coming by 8.30 and so we hid out pumpkins ( pew! dont they pong with candles inside!) and tried to find a suitable spooky film to watch. Earlier we watched "Resident Evil" which was about as scary as Tescos on a Friday night. Archie demanded more scares but we'll save "The Thing" and "Alien" for another day I think. I ended up watching the Chelsea v. Barcelona match and blogging at the same time.
Jim from Basingstoke sent me a batch oif cassettes which he wants putting on CD. Some interesting titles including the Armpit Jugband and Dave Peacock.

Eccentric by Sharon Keighley

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This is a lovely animation of a Gideon Conn song "Eccentric". I cant seem to see it play here but perhaps you can. We saw it a few months back at the Cornerhouse when we saw one of Archie's animations on the Music Night. Gideon played a great set afterwards in the bar. Seems he's getting lots of deserved Radio One airplay and was on the Russell Brand show last week too. He used to be one of Hazel's students a few years back.


Lesley said...

Tescos on a Friday night scares me! I've seen a few sights in there!! Haven't seen resident evil to compare though. We rented The Corpse Bride for Halloween. Fantastic film!

michael said...

We saw Corpse Bride at the soon to be rubble Regal last year. Not one of Tim Burton's best but good fun nontheless. Resident Evil is based on a computer game and looks a bit like watching one. I'd rather go to Tescos than have to watch it again I must admit!

sharon said...

why thanks for puttin my video up. and archie did a darned fine job, i must say =)

wastedpapiers said...

Hi sharon! thanks for dropping by. we loved you video and the time and effort you put in. by far the best of the night
. Archie thought so too!

Give our love to Gideon if you see him.

Any new projects?