Saturday, August 23, 2014

Birmingham (Gas Hall and Ikon Gallery)

Nice day out in Brum despite the trains playing up on the way home. Went to see the Rowland Emmett mini retrospective at the Gas Hall in the Art Gallery and Museum. Delightful to see so much of his working machines and cartoons etc. Also lots of video of him talking and demonstrating his gadgets. Some can be found on YouTube. Seek out especially the Pathe newsreels of the 50's. Spent a good hour in here and then went for lunch to EAT as we couldn't find the "pie shop" hazel went to previously. It was right by the Ikon Gallery so that was handy. Excellent overview of the last 50 years at Ikon including work by Dennis Oppenheim ( candy floss making machine) and Charles Garrard ( Monsoon and lovely thunder machine ) and Cornelia Parker's mini danging silver things run over by a steam roller. Some hideous slodgy paintings but we ignored them. Bought two Cornelia Parker badges in the shop and drooled over some of the books we couldn't afford. Then round the shops until our legs ached and back home again.

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