Sunday, November 19, 2006


Here's a new addition to the family called Wilfred or maybe just Wilf? No sure yet - it may change. He's a young albino hamster who darts around the cage very quickly and so difficult to get a photo of him that isn't blurred! He loves his wheel and woke me up last night racing round in it ( where's that oil can? ) and that in turn made Flo the rabbit ( in the hutch inderneath ) very grumpy and bang her feet so quite a racket going on. Hazel didn't hear a thing ofcourse.
Still have the lousy cold and so stayed in again today and caught up with some blogging and Sunday papers.
Hazel and Archie took Audrey to hear a choir sing carols over at the Craft Centre. They came back with gifts including a handy gas lighter for singeing all the hairs off the back of your wrist and some sugar monster teeth. Also a nice victorian looking glass lamp to burn candles in.


Roger Stevens said...

Ahhhhh blessss... what a cute mouse. Hope you're all feeling a bit better.
Been very busy since we got back from France. Writing a pirate story, visiting schools.
Tomorrow Mike's coming over to put the percussion and tabla on the new CD. Hurrah.

How's the new space book coming along?

michael said...

Wilfred is most definately a hamster. I will try and take a better photo of him so you can see his stuffed cheek pouches!
We are recovering from our various ailments. My cold is now a tickly cough mostly. I have been slurping the Buttercup Syrup.
Pirates eh? Shiver me timbres! ( said the french postman pirate )
I've sent the Space Book back to you today so you should get it soon.