Sunday, November 26, 2006

Non Existent Sunday

First we went out for a non existent bootsale at Witton Albion ( wait until I see that charity shop lady ). Then Archie went to non existent badminton lessons down at the high school. Seems they had a tournament on today. Mr. Pilchard forgot to tell anyone. Then home for non existent breakfast beacause we had no white bread ( I was quite happy with brown ). Now we are going out for a non existent walk.

Yesterday did exist, at least in my memory. We went to a church fete which was a typically dull, knitted affair. Lots of tombola where you could win knitted things, doilies, bath salts etc. Archie won a plastic garden gnome which he immediately donated to the white elephant stall! Hazel won some brussels sprouts. They had a game of "Higher or Lower" where you have to say what card is going to be revealed next. Archie spent about three quid and didnt win anything! It was one of those days. Still it was for charity. The man doing the Bruce Forsythe impression was very apolygetic everytime someone lost.

The walk did exist and we fed the ducks with our meagre bag of stale bread and took some photos of the berries and funghi etc. The car park was absolutely packed and found out later that the other car park , around the other side of the lake, was closed for re-gravelling or something. We felt better for some fresh air and stretching our legs. After burning off some calories we went home to have tea and cake and put them all back on again!


Roger Stevens said...

Loved the Spike video!

And here he is on a collage. He still gets around don't he?

The "book" arrived safe and sound. Jill's in Nottingham tonight and I've been recording some percussion for the new CD. Might watch Film 2006 now. Or might go to bed - to ponder upon my own existence.

michael said...

Quite a few on Utube now as i expect you know. Glad the "book" arrived o.k.
We watched the South Bank show with Nick Park that I recorded the day before. Archie was pleased to see he was a Beano fan and delighted to see his early animations from fuzzy felt were as you might expect from an inventive twelve year old.