Friday, November 03, 2006

Freezin' Friday!

21 Years by wastedpapiers on Treemo
Not quite our 23rd anniverary yet- not until Sunday. This is an old card I made for our 21st.
Hazel walked to the station this morning as the traffic is very bad on a Friday coming out of Tescos and the added disruption caused by the railway bridge being closed one way and the detour round Lostock way takes forever.
I walked into town after seeing Archie off to school. I got some nice old postcards from the market bookstall and a 1953 Chicks Own annual for a quid. I had to wait ages to be served though as the owner of the stall was nowhere to be seen. They were hiding behind some cloth stalls they own too.
Also bought a crusty loaf and some vegetarian sausages for National Sausage Week. There was a bit about it on the news this morning from a factory owned by Prince Charles. I think thats what they said? Organic sausages from Charlie's farm fed exclusively of swill from the royal kitchens I presume.
I'd put a coat and scarf on as it was very cold earlier but by the time I walked home it was getting quite warm and I regretted dressing up so much.
Some nice post today from the Exoticaring group ( a CD by various Mexican rock 'n' rollers looks particularly interesting ) and badges, stickers and poster from Allen Bukoff in the Fluxlist Yahoo group. The postman pointed out that the cardboard tube containing the Fluxus stuff arrived at its destination all the way from the U.S. despite only having the post code and no street or house number. He looked very pleased with himself as he cycled off, my praises ringing in his ears!


Syl said...

Happy Anniversary, Michael & Hazel...23...imagine that!
Who would have thunk it all those
years ago...and as I look at old
photos, you two seem to stand still...the lovely couple.
Take care, you 3.

michael said...

Thanks Syl... Yes, who would have thought it! You are too kind. I think Hazel deserves a medal for putting up with me for so long!

Jonathan said...

Congrats, guys...
Medals all around.

michael said...

Thanks Jonathan. 25 years is Silver anniversary so maybe we'll have to wait for the runners up medal!

Roger Stevens said...

Happy Anniversary!!!
23 years, eh? That's a long time. Compared to a mayfly it's almost an eternity. Of course, compared to a mountain it's no time at all.

How will you be celebrating? With fieworks? And when will hazel be collecting her medal?

We're in France right now. I have internet access on my laptop, and I can pick up emails - but or some reason can't send them.


michael said...

Yes, it's all comparetive isn't it. It seems like 22 to 24 years to us. We are celebrating with a ten quid box of fireworks and big saucepan of vegetable stew.. We know how to live it up!

Impressed by your laptops range Roger. Or should that be a Range Rover? I dont suppose they have November 5th in France do they? I expect they call it something else.