Sunday, November 05, 2006

Fireworks, rabbits and polish.

Hazel is polishing everything to try and cover up the smell of damp rabbit bedding. We have moved her indoors because of the fireworks and the frosts.
Granma and Audrey and coming over later to celebrate our anniverary and let off some sparklers. We are having some warming vegetable stew and jacket potatoes. Letting off the ten quid box of fireworks from Aldi.
Last night we went to the local display put on every year by the Northwich Round Table and Rotary Club. It was pretty good and well up to the usual standard. More people came along if anything and it was quite crowded in Verdin Park with the small funfair and hot dogs etc. ( standing too close to the bonfire?)
I took a few photos which you can find above and on Flickr.
Today was the boot sale at the Brighton Belle in Winsford . It wasn't all that big - probably ten stalls or so. I didn't get anything but Hazel bought some old glass xmas tree decorations in the original box and a plastic gadget for measuring rings.


Roger Stevens said...

Lovely weather over here in France. Sunny every day so far - although this morning was overcast.

They don't have Bonfire night here - but we built a huge bonfire nevertheless (or rather Jill's family did) and Heather and Jean-Pierre contributed a big box of fireworks that they'd smuggled over from Homebase in England. I made a big saucepan of mulled wine and a jolly good time was had by all.
We had to let the Pompier know, of course, in case the locals thought the house was on fire. And we didn't tell anyone who the Guy was perched on the top. France is a Roman Catholic country after all.

Yes, this lap top plugs into the phone line - they've got broadband here - all very civilised. Every now and then, though, the computer will try and talk French at me.

michael said...

Sounds like a fun time Roger. Broadband, fast trains, cheap wine and great food - nowonder the French seem so smug all the time!
Ooh lal la!
The weather isnt too bad here for November though it did rain a bit today. Quite mild though still.
Archie just got back from school and complained of having a bad day- was spat at by a fat boy, missed guitar class and his friends didnt wait for him when they went off to his old Junior School just now.
Nevermind- here's a big slab of bread pudden' that Granma made.
I did some additions to the collaged Space book today but it needs a more. They always need more!

Roger Stevens said...

Ah the book's arrived. Jolly good. It was all a bit of a rush. Look forward to its return.

According to your word verification - today is ywdzemas.

So let us celebrate!Hurrah!

michael said...

You are very naughty adding extra pages! But it seems to be filling up quite nicely. The bread pudden' helps.
We have just had lasagne with macaroni cheese. Hazel has been to a Museum in the outskirts of Manc. to look at, photograph and draw some rather fine rusty artifacts donated by a rich and loony patron's wife. He gave them Ming vases and Bronze statues of Zeus etc. and she managed to persuade them to take her collections of rusty nails and padlocks! Hazel is delighted though- like treasure trove to her! Maybe another exhibition in the offing.

Roger Stevens said...

Well, the book looked a bit thin and sorry for itself. Needed a bit more body.

The wood burning stove is blazing merrily, coffee's in the percolator but where is Jill? Still in bed. Anyone would think we were on holiday.

This afternoon we're planning a visit to Le Chateau de la Bourdaisiere - where they grow 400 different varieties of tomato. Hopefully, if they're still open in November, we can bring a few seeds back.

Whatdyathink of MySpace? Is it worth having a page there?

michael said...

I agree- it did looka bit sorry for itself. I like the new colour cover. It's starting to look like a real book now.
400 varities of tomatoes sounds abit excessive! Why not breed tomatoes that taste like tomatoes used to taste? It's all very well having all these different shapes and sizes and colours when the taste is all wrong. Mind you , some of the tastiest toms I ever had were in France- massive great things they were too.

My Space is pretty naff I think but why would you want a page anyway- you hardly have time for your blog!?!

Roger Stevens said...

As usual you have hit the nail on the head. Or maybe the tomato stake with a very big mallet.

I think homegrown tomatoes still do taste like tomatoes used to taste mind you.

michael said...

We grew some tiny tomatoes that had hardly any flavour atall. In fact they tasted a bit like apricots.

Roger Stevens said...

We grew some apricots like that.

hazel said...

She wasn't loony..she as a woman of taste and an eye for the future...she knew !!
Mary Gregg rules...

michael said...

yes, ofcourse she was dear... there there - have a nice lie down in this lovely padded room.