Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Crewe - Flea market

We went to Crewe market this morning with Audrey. Luckily the cheap postcard stall was there so bought a few more for 10p each. Hazel got about 20 including this nice old amateur collage of the "Saving Gamp".
Also found an EP by Winifred Atwell playing some boogie-woogie on her "other" piano ( which she used to call her upright ).
The market was very crowded but very few stalls outside which was a shame as the weather was very mild and sunny. Hazel bought Archie some rock samples including Feldspar and Obsidian. I think she is trying to encourage him to be a geololist for some reason? Home for seedy bagels, edam and chutney.


Anonymous said...

uhh a hampster.we had 1 in a metal cage,no oil helped.good working resonator & hampster was busy all archie really into stones? amazing.

michael said...

I think Archie would enjoy the stones more if they had interesting fossils in them but generally he is into science and technology.

Wilfred has a plastic wheel which is hard to oil . Hopefully Flo will get used to the noise.