Saturday, November 18, 2006

Colb In De Nobes

Full of cold at the moment and don't feel much like doing anything. Even this blogging lark is an effort. Thankfully the terrible sore throat has gone and but left with a very red nose ( no change there then ). Made a very hot curry last night but couldn't taste it really. Spent most of yesterday feeling sorry for myself and watching old films as I transferred them to DVD. Good to see Citizen Kane and the Magnificent Ambersons again. Orson Welles really was a genius.
Cant even face a walk into town. I think Hazel and Archie are going later to buy a new hamster.
This collage is one I made in 1968 before ignoring collage for twelve years and concentrating on painting. One wonders where it might have lead if I had been encouraged to continue with it.


Syl said...

Sorry to hear you've a nasty cold...maybe by today you are feeling human again!
As to your painting...the ones I've seen, you know how much I like them. Wonderfully detailed, especially the animals. And a distinctive almost fantasy interesting surprise that you make work. Surely
your work would have sold & become acknowleged on a broader scale. Similar to the reputation you've built in mailart & collage.
Anyway, whatever choices you made, you've quite a wonderful life it seems.
Hi to Hazel & Flo adjusting to Philbert any better?
Take care!

michael said...

Still feeling rather full of cold and headachey. I missed out on a trip to Manchester today to meet Graham Rawle ( link in the side panel ) who does wonderful collages and Hazel got him to do a talk for the students today. Archie had the day off school to go so I'm stuck at home feeling sorry for myself! Sob! Sniff! etc.

My painting became a chore in the end and I only have myself to blame for making them so time consuming - all those little dots! I must have been bonkers! Dealing with galleries was another thing altogether and one that i never really had much luck with .Collage is a little less labour intensive and more fun- when i get round to doing any!

Philbert? Wilfredhasnt met Flo yet but they can hear each other that's for sure! Squeak squeaky! Thump! Bang!

We do have a wonderful life. I have to pinch myself sometimes.

scrapatorium said...

That's an incredible collage!!

I do hope that you are feeling better soon.

Jonathan said...

You're one of the best collagists on the planet. regardless of the hiatus. And the paintings are grand, as well.
Just keep creating... that's the point.

michael said...

Thanks Angelica and Jonathan. Very kind of you to say so. I take a lot of comfort and encouragement from your words.