Sunday, November 12, 2006

Boot Sale - Brighton Belle

Another boot at the Brighton Belle in Winsford . The charity shop lady who goes to most of them said it would be the last as the council have closed it. You are not allowed to have more than one a month it seems? Spoil sports. It wasn't a very big boot sale - ten stalls in all but quite handy for Morrisons. I found some cassettes of old 40's British Dance Bands - Felix Mendelsohn and His Hawaiian Serenaders, Lew Stone and Henry Hall. Hazel got a spring weighing gadget.
At Morrisons we stocked up with Soya Milk and other sundries including new tooth brushes.
Thankfully the power has been restored and has been on since yesterday morning. I keep expecting it to go off again though.
Hazel and Archie have been in the garden scooping up the leaves. They went to the garden centre to get a proper rake and were back in time to see a japanese animation called "Pom Poko" - about some raccoons that can change shape and were trying to defend their natural habitat from developers. Very strange film but then most Studio Ghibli films are slightly odd. Wonderful drawn animation though which makes recent Disney efforts seem quite garish and flat.


r4kk4 said...

i'm *so* glad that you got your power back!

"pom poko" is the ghibli movie that makes me laugh the most. although mostly in confusion (at least the first time i saw it. ;D)

Jon said...

I went to a similar small fair at the Salvation Army yesterday. Bought two Tennessee ernie ford gospel LPs whihc are OK, but will probably sell. Got a silly Sally Army LP of Jesus songs for children with a really cute cover, and another one of voice and brass which is quite funky in places and the only one worth keeping. Also got the last White Stripes CD, and a mini disc recorder for 50p. Seems to work!

p.s. you'd love the Amoeba shop $1 LP racks!!! When in LA i found two great 60s psych/pop compilations, a later Arlo Guthrie LP (disappointing) and one jazz one by Oregon (Ralph Towner's abnd) and another double album by the Firesign Theatre Co which is the best of the bunch. All that for five bucks!!

michael said...

I must admit I lost interest in Pom Poko about a third of the way through abd went to check my blogs and Flickr etc. Archie stuck with it though - through all two hours of it!
We are glad too rakka! When the electrickery goes off you realise just how much you depend on it!

I'd be tempted by the Tennessee Ernie LP's too I must admit jon . We like the white stripes too. Archie has been practising "Seven Nation Army" recentley and it sounds pretty good.
Sounds like a good place you found in LA. I'm jealous!

Roger Stevens said...

Back into the hurly burly of every day life. Jill's in London tonight. Yesterday she had to have a tooth out. She was feeling proper poorly.

Had a look at the Keith Bates photos.
A nice one of you. You haven't changed a bit.

michael said...

Sorry to hear about Jill's toof Roger. Hope she is feeling better now.
Photo was taken by Syl and her magic camera when she was here.
Keith's done a good job with his portrait site hasn't he ( and leanda ) . Hope to see you there soon.