Friday, March 07, 2008

Library Exhibition

Put up the exhibition of twenty small collages in the Northwich library foyer yesterday with Hazel's help. Some of the work in this slide show above. I will try and take a photo of the exhibition today sometime. Pleased the way it looked considering the size and peculier aspect of the space. My thumb aches now from pushing in all those pins holding the descriptions of the work.
Afterwards we did some shopping. Hazel found some interesting knitting paraphenalia in nthe nearby Age Concern shop- needle gauges, needles and patterns etc. Also a hexagonal glass candlestick that reflects the light like a prism. Her grandad used to have one similar apparently.


scrapatorium said...

LOVE the work! I bet it looks amazing in person!

wastedpapiers said...

It doesnt' look too bad considering I am a bit lazy and slapdash when it comes to framing work. Hazel wasa great help ofcourse and I couldn't have done it without her.
A little interest so far. A local chap left his number and wants me to put stuff in his "on-line" gallery- which Ive never had much luck with but willing to give it another go. He seemed very enthusiastic anyway so we shall see.
Also had my photo taken today for possible inclusion in the local paper on Wednesday. Watch this space. Fame at last!

MonoCassette said...

Great display of work Michael. Best of luck in whatever develops out of the exhibition.

wastedpapiers said...

Thanks Ron. Not a great deal of feedback but two phone calls. One woman wanted to know where I got my images from. She wants to collage her bathroom with nudey pics- the kind you get in Naturist magazines. I said she should go to boot sales like i do and she might be lucky, though I'd never seen any. I'd probably be too embarressed to buy any even if I did! So that was a bit odd. The online gallery proposal is still on the cards. Will have to wait and see.
No picture in local paper this week, so maybe next.