Saturday, February 16, 2008

Antiques Fair

Archie has been burning the midnight oil and made this silly video last night. Too many late nights taking their toll!
Just back from an antique fair at the crafts centre in Blakemere.. Not many stalls really but enough to make the pound entrance fee worthwhile. Hazel bought some old ciggy cards of the wartime home guard and home defences etc. also some old battered Beanos from the 60's for Archie. H'es still sleeping ofcourse after his late night of creativity.

Later. They've gone out to get some groceries. Archie got up at 2:30pm and had some soup. I made a big pan of leek,carrot and potato. We had awarm pretzels with it and cheese. Yum!
Watched some of the FA cup on the telly. Good to see Bristol Rovers get into the quater finals. Its Man. U. and Arsenal on later.


Groc said...

leek,carrot and potato soup- mmmmm - can I have the recipe please?

wastedpapiers said...

Ofcourse Groc- it's ever so simple just finely chop all the ingredients ( leek,onion,carrot and large potato)and swat them in a cuddling dish or galvenised spode for a 15 mins until sweaty and then add enough water to cover them so the potatoes little beady eyes are just above the meniscus. Add a salt and pepper, bay leaf, boullion cube if you like and bring to boil and simmer for what seems like ages until it goes mushy and then put through a mouli or fine seive.

Add croutons, cheese and a sprinkle of chopped parsley if you like that sort of thing. Bon appetite!

iHanna said...

tell him I jumped of the chair with that vid! silly people!

wastedpapiers said...

It had the desired effect then! Sorry it gave you a scare iHanna.