Sunday, July 29, 2007

Moss Farm

Went to a boot sale at Moss farm this morning but I didnt find a thing. Hazel got these two old Super 8 films but we are not sure if we still have a projector to play them on. We had a several projectors at one time but they have been givenn away or thrown away . Hazel has gone again to take her Mom and sister.

We drove over to Runcorn to see Harry Potter And The Tedious Two Hours the day after Hazel's birthday. Now the Regal has closed we are forced to go further afield to see any films. I wish we hadn't bothered to see this one which was far too long and garbled to say the least. Probably best if you read the book first and then you'd know what was happening! The small cinema is part of a multi-plex and was comfortable enough but the adverts went on for 20 minutes which didnt help. I dont think we'll be going back in a hurry. Runcorn is a mess of roads and we nearly ended up on the M6 on the way home after taking a wrong turning.


plasticbag said...

Hi Michael, Hazel and Archie,

I might be able to help you here.

I have a spare super 8 moviola - basically a small editing machine that you can watch films on (by hand cranking the film and watching it on a small glass screen. Its not ideal but at least you can view films).

The only snag is that it has no plug on the lead and I haven't been able to check if it works or not.

I've offered it to someone at MMU who teaches film and video but had no response.

So, if its of any use you can have it gratis. Let me know if its of interest to you and I can drop it off at All Saints some time.

You'd be doing me a favour as its currently sat on a landing waiting to be disposed of, and I'd much rather it went to someone that could use it. If it doesn't work then you can dump it with a good conscience!

I love super 8 films and have quite a few of my own, but the film is really expensive now so I've not done any for a long time.

wastedpapiers said...

Sounds great. I think we used to own one but I havent seen it for ages. Come to think of it I think it belonged to someone else. WE'll be happy to take it off your hands.

plasticbag said...

Great! I'll flickr email Hazel so we can sort out the whens and wheres.

I love finding homes for things!