Friday, July 20, 2007

In The Garden

Proof here that I do get into the garden occasionally and play "kick about" with Archie. I have never been a sporty person though I remember enjoying football and cricket etc. outside school for relaxation. In school it was became a chore due to heavy handed PE teachers and bullying children. Our PE teacher at the seconadary modern school I went to in Basildon was a particularly nasty peice of work called MR. Griffiths and ex-welsh fusilier who had a sadistic streak. He once slapped me round the face for smirking when out of step in country dancing ( too wet to play football outside ).

Very sunny and warm yesterday for a change so quite a nice change to get into the garden for any reason.

Earlier I walked into town to visit the usual haunts- the charity shops, the library and the Post Office to post a few packets of Hazel's "Emblem" book to people. Bought some cheap videos (3 for quid ) including double bill of Ray Harryhausen, Dr. Strangelove and Dave Spikey Live. Also the first Alien by Ridley Scott on DVD from the Woolies sale. We watched Aliens last week as Archie had never seen it. I think the first film is far scarier and superior in every way. It also has a "extras" including commentary by the director.

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