Monday, June 11, 2007

Warm Weekend

Archie has been picking up the guitar more and more just lately and his chord progressions sound pretty good now. Nice to see him more confident but he's not keen to show off his skills at the music night at school.
It wasa beautiful sunny weekend and on Sunday we went to a boot sale at Verdin Park in town and got a few bargains including an address rubber stamp kit for 70p - it has plastic tweezers to pick up the fiddly type to slot into a frame. Also some DVD's including Annie Hall and some old Fleischer Brothers "Betty Boop".
Hazel got a small tin of broken metal things and a gadget for twisting off screw caps off bottles. Archie didn't get anything and slouched around like a grumpy teenager. Hazel took her sister and Mom afterwards though they could quite easily have driven themselves over there.

We had a picnic lunch in Marbury Park which was very busy with mad dogs and children. A nice walk to feed the ducks etc.
Hoping the swifts would be weaving in and out of the avenue of trees as they did last year but none to be seen. Maybe it wasa bit later in the year when more insects are on the wing?

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