Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Sorting Office

WE met Treena at the sorting office this morning to put up some mail art in the empty cabinets. Treena was already there with all her polish and dusters and cleaning the glass. It was surprising how much mail needs to fill up six quite small cabinets successfully. We barely had enough and I presumed we'd have loads left over to take home again. I took a selection of the "Handy Postcard Exchange" work and stuck them up in four cabinets. Thankfully Hazel helped or else it would have taken hours! A steady stream of people came in which was encouraging and one hopes that some will take the time to look at the postcards and envelopes etc. whilst waiting for their parcels or whatever. Not sure how long they will be up for. Treena is curator and so I leave that side of it to her. Maybe put up some more mail from the archive in the future if all goes well. Playing it very much by ear at the moment.


treena said...

yeay!! we did it an exhibition in Northwich! well your photos are better than mine, I will try to get some tomorrow when I go back to clean the windows. To put on blog. I had an interesting chat with a postman. He remembers your address very well and all the odd things sent there like bits of wood. hope to see you on friday!!

sylviasometimes said...

Hi Michael! Catching up on all your news...enjoyed Archies Pigeon Man (you! lol) and playing the guitar...keep it up Archie!
Well, the chiropractor experience sounds horrendous...don't blame you for not going today! Sorry to hear you are still having problems though. The mailart exhibition sounds interesting...hope lots of people have a look and that it is something that can continue...maybe with differenct themes or such...good luck! I simply haven't had the time for months...but I do want to at least get back to true paper & glue work...we'll see.
On this end...up to Portland for a shows at the gallery were fine...great walkabout area, food, night entertainment...Then recently up to Salem for the Cornell show which blew me away...just gorgeous work, Michael! Not a bad piece in over 100! Shadowboxes reminded me of Paul...ceramic heads & such reminded me of your fine collection. Then a week ago, up to a wonderful cottage in Oguinguit overlooked the bay/cove there...again beautiful coastal scenery, yummy food...but in came the rainstorm with a fury, so we headed back earlier than planned...still, some decent pictures at night.
Well, I've taken up too much always it's such great fun to look at your site & hear what you are up to...
Hugs & xx's to all!

wastedpapiers said...

Well, its all down to your determination and enthusiasm Treena! I tried to send you a Word file of a short statement for the "Handy Postcards" cabinet but it bounced straight back at me?
I expect my address is quite notorious down at the sorting office after all the weird mail sent to me over the last few years!

Hi Syl- glad you could drop by. Chiropractors seem to work for some but not me. Maybe I didnt give her enough time to work her magic but going back for 6 weeks didnt appeal to me or my bank balance!
Northwich is a bit of a cultural desert so something like this is a challenge and well done to the Post Office for allowing it.

The Cornell show sounds great. My hero - or one of them! Shame we couldnt get over to see it.

scrapatorium said...

Looks fab! Those cabinets sure make the pieces pop. I would like my walls lined in them (the cabinets) so I could fill them with all sorts of junk.