Saturday, May 19, 2007

Rory McLeod

It's very rare that we get out in the evening to live gig but delighted to see advertised in the local paper - Rory McLeod at the Northwich Folk Club! So we went along last night and enjoyed it very much though I did drink rather too much Theakston's Olde Perculier ale which went straight to my head! The folk club is held every week or maybe its a fortnight? in the bar of the small theatre in town. Weve been to see theatre groups and dance projects there before but never any live music. The last time we saw Rory was in the late 80's when we lived in London and he appeared ( and stole the show ) at the Queen Elizabeth Hall ( or was it the Purcell Room? ) with another folk band ( who we soon forgot ) but bought a couple of Rory's CD's , we enjoyed his performance so much. He is still as brilliant live and the small intimate space of the bar made it even more special- like being in someones front room! Afterwards we bought his latest CD " Songs For Big Little People" and he kindly signed it for us- " health and joy to you- Rory x " . You can see some of Rory's videos on You Tube.


mrdantefontana said...

Sounds like a great artist. I enjoyed that YouTube video.

wastedpapiers said...

Rory is a real "one-man band" playing guitar, harmonica, spoons, trombone and electrified wooden "stomping panel" that he makes some great percussive noises with his tap shoes! Not all at the same time though!

frips said...

beautiful photo!

sylviasometimes said...

Hi Michael...Just reading through some of your blogs to catch up on your news. This is a terrific pic of he's growing up fast! Good you could get over to hear Rory...don't recognise the name but it sounds like you quite enjoyed yourself...and some new music CDs too! Think the last folksinger I've heard was Arlo Guthie a few years back...and yes it makes so much difference when the venue is smaller & more personal.
Most days are chilly & rainy here still...not really summer...what a strange season it is! So not many good pictures. We did catch a fabulous Joseph Cornell show at the Peabody Essex Museum in Salem...over 100 pieces! And not a bad one in the lot...beautiful work when I saw his almost seamless clipping of pieces I thought of you.
Sounds like you are busy as ever with yer fingers in 10 pies...don't know how you do it all, and well!
Sorry to hear Archie has a cold...hope you & Hazel and both feeling up to snuff.
Hugs to all!

wastedpapiers said...

Thanks for dropping by frips! Hazel took the photo- must give her credit!

wastedpapiers said...

O here' sylvia too! Nice to see you Syl- glad you could pop in to make a comment. The Joseph Cornell's sound great - saw a fantsatic restrospective of his work some years ago at the Tate ( or maybe the Whitechapel?) . An inspiration to all collage artists.

I have popped over to Flickr a few times to make a comment or two but I am busy with all these blogs that take up most of my time and the books and collages ofcourse. And the bootsales and charity shops too!