Sunday, April 01, 2007

Ye Olde Stamping Grounds

Here's those green jelly polymer stamps I mentioned - now mounted on some wooden blocks and used to print on some feet shaped postcards you can just about see underneath.
Below is the arts centre in Frodsham , where we went yesterday. I'm gradulally catching up with myself. Still a pile of mail to answer and lots of records to blog- not to mention the collages I have to do for Scrapiteria and the other blogs. I sometimes think i will never catch up - that two weeks of illness really put a spanner in the works!

Archie has been texting all day - surprised he has any left on his phone. I think Hazel topped it up yesterday. he seems happier now he's had a good nights sleep and some food and out in the snow. Hes fallen over a few times he said so has been put back in the beginners class for a day to find his feet again. We told him that some dry ski slope lessons would help but he wouldnt listen!

The boot sale at Anderton was pretty good this morning despite being smaller than most. The stuff was very cheap and we found a few bargains including a Harry Hill DVD still in its cellophane wrap for onefifty and some PS2 games for 50p! Also a big thick photo or maybe postcard album for a couple of quid. Hazel bought some pansies for the garden and some to give to a neighbour who kindly disposed of a heavy paving slab that had been leaning up against the bay window for ages. The builder promised to come back and remove it but never did.

Hazel took her Mom and Sister to Anderton later when they had their breakfast. I expect they missed all the huge balls of wool we saw there earlier. It was very nippy out but later the sun managed to make it feel like Spring again. I took the trays of plants over to the neighbours and they showed us the work they had been doing in the garden- making fences and chopping wood for the stove etc.

A new programme on telly tonight about celebrities learning to play an instrument. Tonight its the turn of Frank Skinner on the banjo , so that should be quite amusing hopefully. And dont forget the short three minute films about the one man band on C4 tomorrow and the next four days. Its a regular on the novelty song yahoo group so weve had fair warning.


drosspriddle said...

i want to get a rubberstamp made up that says: "Stamp Out Mailart!"

(my word verification word is "ugmao"!)

wastedpapiers said...

I want to get one that says "Ugmao!"