Thursday, April 05, 2007


Another busy day today with a funeral in the morning and a visitor in the afternoon. Our dear neighbour Ellen who had been ina home for the last few years , died a few days ago and we went along to the local chapel for a service in the morning. Hazel went and collected the bunch of lilies and other flowers she'd ordered from town and we had a nice chat to Ellens relatives who had gathered outside her old house across the road. We follwed the hearse down to the chapel which was only 200 yards down the road. The service was rather spoiled by the occasional crackle of the vicars intercom and the boiler in the corner gurgling, also the organist sounded like Les Dawson! I think Ellen, who had a good sense of humour, would have found it very amusing.

After lunch we tidied up and hoovered for our visitor Treena who recently graduated from the MMU, on the course that Hazel teaches on. She bought some nice gifts including some metal bits fro Hazel to sort through and an intriguing roll of film for Archie. Treena also showed us some lovely little books she'd been making using candle wax and other items pressed into the pages. We had a nice chat over some tea and cake about the lack of exhibition space in the area and the possibilty of a mail art show in the sorting office . Treena said they had some empty cabinets in the foyer there which would be ideal for a small exhibition of some kind relating to the post office maybe.

These photos are from our visit with Trevor - his boat and the view from inside the cabin.

Its a bit misty this morning but slowly the sun is beginning to break through.The new bird feeder we bought in Stafford is on the shed but the birds haven't spotted it yet. We watched The Truman Show again last night - one of Jim Carey's best films. Archie seemed o.k. though tired after a party and disco. Better go and get the re-cycling bins in as the bin men have been and emptied them.


cemenTIMental said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog! :) I started it in the hope of actually motivating myself to do some drawing but as you can see have not put much there yet... My other blog is actually much more active, more random stuff, toys, random texts, odd photos etc:

Working on various paintings etc so hopefully will actually finish some soon! I did a lino cut for the first time in ages at the weekend, will send you a print when I make some soon!

Where did you get the strange green stamps made?

wastedpapiers said...

Hi Tim, I will try and get over to your other blog. I'm easily distracted on the web- I start out looking for one thing and find myself somewhere else and the first thing is forgotten about!

Look forward to the lino-print. I did some years ago and still have the special lino-cutting tools somewhere.

The smelly green jelly rubber stamps were from Rubber Stereos (Avon) Ltd. and they have moved to - P>O>Box 1268, Ubley, Bristol, BS40 6WA.

phone- 017614 62202

My sheet 6 x 7inches ( from camera ready B&W image ) was 35 quid and I managed to squeeze about 12 stamps of various sizes onto it.

cemenTIMental said...

haha yes I know the feeling, it's a very distracting place!

Bought some lino ink this morning, going home over easter so will use the little press there to make a load of prints! ^_^ Rather foolishly didn't make sure the lino acutally quite fit on an A4 sheet before cutting so I think they're going to be an unorthodox size cut down from A3?!

Thanks for the stamp infos! I may get some made some time...