Saturday, March 03, 2007

Eclipse of moon

I Had Too Much To Dream Last Night by wastedpapiers on Treemo

We are popping in and out the garden to see the total eclipse of the moon. At it it's best from 10-24 Greenwich mean time in the u.k. The best eclipse of the moon since January 2001. The Chinese reckon this is an omen for good and for prosperity for all of those who drink hot chocolate out in the open air , sat in deck chairs. Archie set up his telescope , which took ages and I put on my giant Sir Patrick Moore trousers and did them up around my chest for extra warmth and comfort. Sir Patrick is a TV sensation over here in the U.K. as you all must know. Check out the new BeeB Channel at You Tube to marvel at his enormous archives!

I am off outside now to see the Dragon nibble the edge of the dusky moon through the twigs of the old apple tree - a bit like the bowl of muesli I had this morning.

We have filmed the whole thing digitally so hopeflly so pics tomorrow. I put on my reading glasses by mistake and the moon looked like a giant flaming orb coming down - most alarming! The neighbours curtains are twitching i expect . The Leigh-Jones's are outside again looking at the stars!

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