Thursday, February 08, 2007

Snow't About

No snow either though plenty about it seems. I walked into town - trying out my new boots. I managed to get there and back without too much trouble. I had two pairs of socks on though just incase. I got some bread and brazil nuts. I might make a nut roast tonight as weve had a cabbage in the fridge for ages and can never think of a suitable meal for it to go with. It doesnt really go with lasagne or macaroni! We had a nice thick veg stew last night with dumplings. Just the job for these cold winter evenings.

Yesterday we went to B & Q to get some floor paint but think weve bought the wrong one. I tried to paint the bathroom floor just now and it just ran off the glossy paint thats on it now. Its more of a wash. There was an accident just outside B & Q and we got there just as the road was being blocked by a police car. Nobody badly hurt but lots of broken glass over the road. Someone had to go to hospital for stitches. The roads must be still icy in places despite the gritting lorries doing their best.
I had a look in Currys for a CD Recorder as mine is playing up ( it is 5 or 6 years old after all ) and keeps stopping when you least expect it. Seems they dont sell them anymore. Neither do Argos. No call for them, the man said- all being done on the computer now. The salesman at Comet suggested I use a DVD recorder instead! What an idiot!

Also in town I bought some cheap videos for 25p including the wonderful "Night On Earth" by Jim Jarmusch with music by Tom Waits.

I have been listening to lots of 60's music lately including Tomorrow featuring Keith West. Steve Howe of Yes fame was also in the band at the time. Here's a couple of tracks on here for a change -

Tomorrow - The Incredible Journey Of Timothy Chase

Tomorrow - Three Jolly Little Dwarfs

Ah the hippy dippy days of 1967 !
The above collage is of a CD sleeve I did for Roger & Jilly to accompany the compilation of psychedelia I made for them. Roger is in the process of making a CD of his own songs he wrote with a freind back then. I imagine he was listening to things like this at the time which may have influenced him.


Roger Stevens said...

We've had snow - but not much. I was in Southhampton visiting a school and was in that "will the school be closed" situation - but it was nowhere near as bad as the weather report predicted.
Been at schools all week but I'm home today which means I can catch up a bit. Maybe even visit a few blogs.

Sgt Pepper still has to be my favourite Beatles album - with revolver and Abbey Road close on its heels. Mojo did do a good Revolver cover a while back. Well, good because there was a superb cover of Yellow Submarine on it - a song you wouldn't have thought would lend itself to covers.

I'd forgotten all about that cover. In fact I still can't remember it. I hope it arrived. My new CD is nearly ready. Still haven't got the cover design etc done - so a trippy collage would be good - At the Meeting of the Earth and the Air...

Well, best get on. No snow today...

michael said...

ho roger! nice of you to drop by-pull up a mushroom and make yourself at home - man!
I only posted the CD yesterday so hopefully it will be arriving soon.
I will see what I can do - about the trippy sleeve I mean. far out!

Roger Stevens said...

That's okay then. No wonder I didn't recognise it.

Funny time here - Jill's dad's not well and in hospital. They are there at the moment and I'll be going down later. Illness is never convenient is it?

Look fo0rward to the cover.

michael said...

Sorry to hear about Jill's dad - hope he's on the mend.

I started a "trippy" sleeve design collage but it its a bit small and cant squeeze enough weird hippy images into it so may start again!

Hope that CD turned up?

Roger Stevens said...

CD has turned up. despite the postman coming to the door - the package was in the mailbox. Looks good. The Nazz eh? Will play it later. Probablt enjoy it in the car.

Jill's Dad has been proper poorly. At lunchtime he was looking a bit better. Fingers crossed.

Best make the cover bigger - 15 X 15 or even bigger than that. And I'll reduce it. Joe's girlfriend is going to design it for me.

Yeah, man. Peace and mushrooms!

Jon said...

the cover looks good. Not sure about Tomorrow - i guess there was a reason why they weren't as big as the Beatles. Mind you, I never understood why Yes sold so many records either....

I'm glad i took my snow photos when I did as the second bout of snow was far less than the earlier one, despite predictions of doom from the weathermen...