Friday, February 23, 2007

Presents From Berlin

I went into town this morning to get some flowers for Hazel to celebrate her home-coming. She eventually arrived earlier than expected and got a lift with Tony & Penny which was nice. So didnt have to go via Manchester which would have added two hours or so to her journey which would have been silly. Sounded like a fun filled three days. Seemed more like a month to me! Some presents including this warped single which I havent listened to yet. Postcards, Bit of Berlin wall. Sweets. German lucky bag. A Russian hat for Archie ( with ear flaps ) made of synthetic bear. A big crusty seedy pretzel that Archie ate straight away - greedy boy! Looked through all the photos and felt like I'd almost been there. I made a spinach bake - just in time. Catching up with Coronation Street now she is. They dont have it in Berlin for some reason.

Alarming tales of falling scaffolding and cars screeching to a halt. Four days eh? The Natural History Museum sounds like a barrel of fun - laughing at the fossils! The most interesting exhibit was a flea on a fly on a pin? It sounds like an Ivor Cutler poem.I think Hazel will sleep for two days now!

This new blogger account is such a pain to get onto- i wish I'd never changed. It takes twice as long as before!

"Near the house of the art in Berlin people(persons) stand in wet suits snake(queue). Letting drip and impatiently they wait to throw their(her) sailboard in Eisbach which flows here into the English garden and rears, besides, in a stone step to a halbmeterhohen wave. The professionals jump gekonnt on their(her) board(shelf), the more careful paddle only kneeling in the movement and get up on the foot of the wave. Forwards bent, they balance by the trough, let themselves drive(do) a small piece in the direction of waves parting. Who finds his(its) balance, tries to circle possibly rapidly in the waves slope entlangzugleiten and possibly elegantly by the foam. But not later than after a few turns the movement throws him up to the crest – then only the choice(election) remains between header and R├╝ckenklatscher."

It seems surfing and Hawaiian music are big in Germany which doesn't surprise me as I have heard the Die Waikikis before- infact I may have bought a record by them in the past by mistake thinkig it was something more exotic. The feeling is rather like the Mike Sammes Singers wearing leather shorts and the plaintive strains of the South Seas wafting in the background. The germans love skiffle and rock and roll and I have discovered many German's love world music so it seems they are fans of the slack key guitar and the ukulele too. Echos of it can be found in this quaint record that Hazel found- sadly warped by a fire- hence the clicking nature of the two tracks. The other two tracks jumped a mile!

Die Waikikis - Fern am Strande von Samoa

Die Waikikis - Goldner Mond von Hawai

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jn said...

wonderful tunes. thanks.
(I rather like the clicks.)

michael said...

thanks jn. glad you enjoyed them - they do add a rather funky ambience to the whole proceedings don't they! perhaps funky isn't the right word?