Sunday, February 04, 2007


A circle of feathers left by a bird of prey in our garden. Hazel just saw a blurred shape and it was gone. Looks like a pigeon was too slow to get out of the way. It must have been a large bird to carry a pigeon off? Hazel took this photo.
Friday I went into town a again for a walk and look around the charity shops. That makes a change I hear you cry!
I got a few bargains including some DVD's by Italian director Dario Argento- a boxed set of three of his early films of mystery and horror. I can't remember what they are now. "Bird With Golden Plumage"? that was one I think. Only two quid for three!Also two videos in sale - 25p each - of Sci-Fi series on TV which name escapes me too for the moment. Red Dwarf - which Archie likes.

Yesterday I stayed in to do some collaging and watched a bit of Jacque Tati's classic comedy"Mr Hulot's Holiday" as I transferred it to DVD.

Today we a quiet morning doing nothing much and in the afternoon went to feed the ducks at Shackerley. The early morning fog had cleared and it had turned intoo quite nice day. The animals have been fed and watered and Archie & Hazel cleaned them out. Pew! They needed it!
On the way to Shackerley spotted a large bird of prey flying off from a bush. It looked like a buzzard but couldnt be sure. Maybe the one that killed the pigeon in our garden.


Lisa said...

Hi Michael

It could well have been a sparrowhawk. I've seen one take a collared dove in our garden and leave just such a mess of feathers.

michael said...

You could well be right Lisa. They move so fast , it's hard to see them clearly!

Nan said...

Michael and Hazel,
I'm amazed at the perfect circle it left! That photo is so cool.

I'm glad Hazel got the door from the old theatre. It's nice that it's going to be somewhere it will be appreciated. Shame the theatre had to close down.
Nan (aka Cate)

michael said...

Hi Cate, Hazel took the photo so she gets all the credit. She didnt get the door after all though as apparently it had a reserve on it which wasn't mentioned on the auction website - a bit annoying that! We did buy a big enlargement of the finla night audience at the Regal from the local newspaper though which arrived the other day so we have nice momento of the cinema. We are the rather blurry faces on the tenth row! We will have to find a nice big frame for it and find room on our already overcrowded walls!

mdhatter said...

A buzzard won't kill a pigeon, but a bird of prey will always strip the feathers from it's kill.

lucky you to have such a magnificent beast visit.

michael said...
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