Saturday, January 27, 2007

Electric Fish

Last night I dreamed of electric fish - in the mouths of prisoners and their teeth were chattering with the shocking haddock they were getting!
Over the last couple of days its been the usual blogging and collaging ( see above - for Scrapiteria ) and walks into town to get shopping and mooch around the charity shops. Found a strange LP of songs fashioned from the poems in "Alice In Wonderland" - slightly disturbingly operatic. Not really my cup of tea but I was intrigued enough to fork out two quid mainly for the nice sleeve art and I wondered how they would sing "Jabberwocky". I expect it will turn up at Boot Sale Sounds soon.

A middle aged man hailed me as I walked home , "Hello George, How are you??" . eh? "I'm not George " I hastily replied and walked on . He just looked at me with a puzzled expression. Weird eh? Maybe I have a doppelganger? I used to get mistaken for people when I was younger but it hasn't happened for a while.

Archie wasn't in the local paper this week. Surely some mistake?

Hazel is happy now that eventually the local council have finally agreed a white line in the road outside will deter idiots from parking in front of her parking space and dropped kerb. The local window cleaner did it yesterday despite a huge gap the other side in which to park. It was odd though as Hazel had just phoned them to see what the delay was ( she wrote last October !) and when she put the phone down a letter from the council saying she had been granted a line plopped on the doormat! How's that for coincidence and serendipity?!

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