Tuesday, January 09, 2007


Stayed in today to finish off some collages including this one and do some blogging. I went out briefly to post letters and bought the new snazzy Beatles stamps. Archie got a nice clipping in the post from the Cornerhouse with review in a teacher's mag. called "In The Picture" which says nice things about Archie's animation "Kenkeneb" which is on the Cornerhouse DVD.
Archie came home very tired after running round the park a couple of times. Too much trifle over Xmas hols.!
I made some cauliflower cheese, baked spuds, green soya beans and carrots for dinner. Now too full for mince pie and cream. It's a good job I don't have to run round the park as I fear I wouldn't get very far!



Sharon J said...

Beatles stamps? At last! The perfect present for my ex husband! Thanks for the tip ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Michael and Hazel, Just stopped by to see how you were doing. Love the collage!

michael said...

Hi Sharon, thanks for dropping by. The Beatles stamps are of their album covers. WithThe Beatles , Sgt. Pepper etc. plus a mini sheet of colectables - Beatles toy guitar, models, singles sleeves etc.

Hi Cate . How's it going? Thanks for the encouragement!

Adele Prince said...

Running around the park a couple of times is just the apetite-builder for some mince pie and cream. Mmmmm!

michael said...

I totally agree Adele except that I'd miss that bit out about running round the park and get straight to the mince pies!