Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Nearly ready for Crimble.

We've got t' trimmings up!
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Roger B. over at Flickr posted this great pic of a 50's room from the York Museum. It reminds me so much of Xmas of my childhood even down to the pathetic paper chains we made ourselves and the board games on the brown art deco carpet! We actually have that fireplace in our back room and considered many times if we should rip it out but after seeing this I don't think we could!
Nearly all the cards have been posted. Just a few more presents to buy and the big Christmas shop ofcourse that nobody is looking forward too - stuck in Tesco's with trolley rage!
Just had one of my poems turned into a song at Songs For Poems. A great idea for a blog. Some of his other creations are very good too. Go and have a listen.

Audrey is looking better but staying in bed. We popped in yesterday to deliver some chocolate mousse she requested - ideal medication for absessed tooths she said!
We went into town to get some shopping and look round the library sale. I didn't get much. Hazel bought herself some gifts and gave them to me to wrap up for her. She likes surprises.

Archie took his electric geetar into school today for rehearsal - he's playing in the Christmas Concert next week with the guitar club band. Silent Night is definately one they won't be playing!


Anonymous said...

That poems for songs site is amazing. It's kind of awful at the same time as being completely brilliant. The guy's clearly 25 going-on 50, but a genius!

I couldn;t spot your poem. Which one was it?

And this counts as one form of weirdness, by the way. I'm totting them up!

michael said...

It's the one called "Laughing". It was originally printed in a book that my poet chum Roger Stevens compiled called "The Secrfet Life Of Pants" . A &C Black -Published last year.

michael said...

"The Secret Life Of Pants" rather.

Katya Oddio said...

Have been lost in that photo, er, lost in the past for several minutes. Thank s for the memories. The Oddio Family wishes the Happiest Holidays for the Flobberlob family!

michael said...

Thanks Katya - all the best to you and yours!