Sunday, October 08, 2006

Shire Horses and Squirrels

Went to the Shire Horse Centre near Tarporley today as there were no boot sales close by. Archie wanted to go in the summer again but we never got round to it. This was a special birthday treat - one of many I expect. he also wants to go and see a new animation called Open Season which looks quite amusing from the trailer viewing.
We'd been to the Shire Horse Centre before a couple of years ago and Archie enjoyed feeding the animals with bags of food you could buy from the shop but this time feeding animals was banned because a child had her fingers bitten. Health and safefy gone mad again! So Archie was a bit miffed. Also the bumpy tractor rides were only in the summer and had stopped. Another cross against them. You can never re-live those happy days of your youth it seems, even when you are fourteen!
This film is a mistake - I thought I had it on the camera still camera setting and it was on video, hence the exciting shots of our feet and mutterings.
Also saw some friendly otters and amusing baby guinea pigs climbing in the food trough. The red squirrels moved very fast so just got photos of their blurry tails and ears. Some sad foxes in a dark hut. They were too "humanised" it said and so could never be set free which seemed very unfair. Put a bit of a damper on the morning.
Drove home via the Craft centre and bought some sweets to nibble. Chocolate maggots anyone?

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