Saturday, September 30, 2006

Shackerly Mere

Archie and toadstool
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Just back from Shackerly Mere to feed the ubiquitous ducks. We found this solitairy toadstool - Fly Aligaric? that had not yet been flattened by mad dogs or rampaging children. Archie said he would like to flatten it - the horrid boy! But maybe he just said it to annoy his grumpy Dad.
The geese , swans and ducks seemed very hungry despite it being late in the day and we imagined they had been over stuffed with stale bread all morning!
This morning I walked into town and got a few CD's from the library sale for a quid each including The Best of Blondie, The Best of Adam & the Ants and The Hits of Some Country Singer I Can't Remember The Name Of But He Was In San Quentin When Inspired By Johnny Cash When He Came To Play.
Also went to the bank and the post office.
Ray has finsihed the slab laying and it looks pretty good.

Hazel wanted to check her e-mails so had to curtail my blogging activities.
Back again. Where was I?
Also at the market found an old 1964 Silcock Farmer's Diary for 1964. It makes fascinating reading. Lots of stubs and ephemera of nasty chemicals he used on his crops and cows. Actually I think its mostly a diary farm or a dairy farm? Subtle play on words there which i hope you noticed. Iv'e just burnt my finger on the oven trying to placate a bowl of Cheesy Pasta.
So, where was I?
O yes, the diary ios full of gems such as " Cultivating silage pit bottoms to smooth down in prep. silage. Grinding four ton. Sprayed white field 26 acres of wheat with phenosaylene plus. rate of 4 pt. per 9 gallons water per acre."

Sheer poetry!

Better go and check the dinner before it explodes.

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