Saturday, September 16, 2006

Have a good weekend!

English garden
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Hope the jet lag has eased off a bit now Jonathan and Sylvia. Glad you got home o.k. Here you are in our leafy oasis. Mind those apples! Crunch!
Yesterday Hazel drove us over to the Retail Village at Cheshire Oaks which sounds very quaint but is just a big circlular outdoor mall with a huge carpark in the middle. Tons of shops with boring clothes in so Hazel was having a great time popping in them to buy stuff but I wandered about looking lost and bewildered and wondering why I'd come. Found a Virgin record and DVD shop which had a sale on but most of the cheap stuff was rubbish you'd find at a boot sale for 50p- they wanted a fiver for it! So I didnt get anything. Got lost on way home and nearly came to blows when Hazel ignored my half -hearted directions and turned right onto the road that goes to North Wales instead of the road that goes somewhere else! We were on the big road to Wrexham and manged to turn off thankfully at some pretty village - Piflington , Pulpinton? Anyway got sucked back into Chester again and thankfully found the circular road that leads to Northwich after a 30 minute detour. So it could have been worse. We could be in Wrexham though I'm sure it';s a very nice place.
Hazel is even more determined to get a Sat Nav system now!
What else? Maybe the last boot sale of the year tomorrow at Hartford so hopefully this fine weather will continue.
I'm off to town in a mo' to checkout the library sale and the charity shops. Get the papers etc.
Over and out.


Roger Stevens said...

Yes, hope you had a good time. Maybe we'll visit you when we come over on our tour of Northern America.

Hope Michael and Hazel didn't try taking you for a complicated car ride.


hazel said...

you will be glad to hear I only drove Jon and Syl to places I knew...apart from Nantwich...where I was a little lost at one point..but not heading for Wales or anything!!
Mickel's directions....don't get me started....

Jon said...

oooh - there's tensions in paradise!

The really scary part of this story was the comment that today's boot sale could be the last of the year!?

michael said...

Yes, the only place we nearly come to blows is in the car!
Thankfully some bootsales to come besides the two we went to today. Next week its a local school and a farm!

Syl said...

Hazel did a fine job maneuvering all about...didn't flail up my arms or stomp the imaginary brake even once.
I loved your garden...good that you cleared out the back shed & opened it up.
Bonk! Hey, stop that, apple!
Hazel...please flickr me your Mum's proper name & address as I want to thank her for her gift!
And thanks to all three of you for such a fun time.
Take care....
Hi are welcome any time!

Jonathan said...

The problem here is, there's always more than one route to a given destination. This way Sylvia can give me grief no matter which way I go... including the suggestion I gave to the cab driver on our way home from the airport. (She was pretty anxious to get back on Flickr... hasn't left it for two days!)

michael said...

Hope you are recovered from your travels now Syl and Jonathan. Hazel does a good job of driving us reprobates about despite our wincing and winges! It's mainly other road users that scare the hell out of me - on the way back from the car boot yesterday some idiot over took a car in oncoming traffic and Hazel had to pull up sharply and beep her horn. Arrrgh! No wonder i am a nervous wreck when I get home. Thankfully had some nice scratchy ol' wreckkids to play to soothe my jangles nerves!

Syl said...

oh, you do know how to start my day...and in this case, end it...with your tunes...
and both of way late with thankyous...but,you all were great...thanks much!

michael said...

It seems ages since you were here Syl. Nearly October! Doesnt time fly. Soon be Archie's birthday. No party this year but maybe a cinema treat with one of his chums. And then the festive season. More expense!