Thursday, May 04, 2006

More postcards at Crewe

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Including this one of a fairy and her wand. I bought 16 and hazel got about the same. Audrey bought an astonishing 110. She got a lot for her Mom who couldnt be there - feeling a bit poorly. Quite lively market as the weather was good. I bought a PS2 game called "Seek & Destroy" where you drive tanks and do battle with other tanks. Its one of the worst games I've ever seen on the PS2. I shall try and swap it for another very soon.
Hazel is getting more fussy with her buys as she turned her nose up at a tin of lead fishing weights for a quid , which isn't like her! I went off round Crewes charity shops afterwards but didnt find much else. Bought a Daily Wail with free DVD of "The Colditz Story".
Flo is outside now as the weather is warmer. Its surprising how much room her hutch takes up in the back room. I just opicked her some dandylion leaves from the back garden. It's strange that we have so few of them as next door's garden is packed with them!
The grass seed Hazel and Archie raked into the patches in the "lawn" seems to be growing quite well.


Jon said...

You really shouldn't buy the Daily Mail, even for the Free DVDs. Such a miserable outlook on life. You will only encourage them!

michael said...

I know- the sensible part of me says I shouldn't but I just can't resist a free DVD of a classic Ealing comedy. The other papers are hardly any better. They all sound pretty right wing to me these days!

swapatorium said...

Adorable photo!!