Saturday, May 13, 2006

Hey, you've got something written on your forehead?

When I look in a mirror it says " The gasman cometh". Anytime between 8 and 1. So listening out for his van. I bet he arrives at lunchtime though- they always do! Its the thirteenth today as well. It's damp outside and yesterday a bit thundery. It will hopefully be o.k. for the boot sale tomorrow at Witton Albion.
I ventured into town for a walk the other day but didnt find many bargains. I swapped a game I bought from Oxfam. It was a four disc de-luxe edition of Medal Of Honour which i was looking forward to playing but it had no manual or install code. I looked on the internet for ages trying to find a site that had them but no luck. Had to make do with another MOH called Pacific Assault which has only one disc.
Trevira from Flickr dropped off the great History of Paramount book to Hazel's office at MMU and she lugged it home for me. Its a wonderful book and shame to cut up but it is damaged and why Trevira thought I might like it- for collaging purposes. Here's one of the first from its pages , one that had some sticky stuff on and print had come off onto this chaps forehead so incorporated it into the punchline.

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