Saturday, May 27, 2006

Bagel Holes

Bagel Holes
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About time I added something here. It's Saturday night and nothing much on the telly. Hazel and Archie are watching David Blaine inside a plastic bubble of water . He says things like , "Don't try this at home". Ok Dave, we won't. He wonders why people throw eggs at him over here.
Went into town this morning and bought a book about the 50's and 60's- it has photos of Spangles and William Hartnell in it , amongst other things. It was 75p in the Help The Aged shop. Also bought a Topper annual from 1981 for Archie but he already has it so will use as a swap. Hazel and Archie went later to do some shopping. They got lots of iron rich foods as Hazel, we have recently discovered is anaemic and needs to boost her iron levels. So bought some tofu, tahini, spinach and bagels ( which are incredibly rich in iron as everyone knows!)
Archie ate some the other day and left the holes as he said he was full and couldn't manage them.
Hazel also bought some iron pills. But surprisingly they didn't look like ball-bearings but more like pills you give to a horse. I think she will have to saw them in half.
A boot sale tomorrowe at Hartford so hopefully the rain will hold off. It's been particularly drizzly this week but not enough to fill the empty resevoirs down south it seems. Daft i calls it.

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