Thursday, March 30, 2006

"Wheel" now at YouTube

Originally uploaded by wastedpapiers.
Gradually in process of uploading Archie's animations to YouTube. HERE's the latest - "Wheel" which never got much attention at Flickr and so may reach a bigger audience here. Viewing figures show that over 500 people have watched Archies animations so far in just a few days, so it looks promising. Mind you, it could be Hazel watching them over and over again!
Went into town this morning for a walk and browse around the library. Delighted to find "Howl's Moving Castle" on DVD to borrow. Archie will be pleased. Maybe we can get them to stock all the Studio Ghibli films which would be good. Most of them have just been re-released on DVD and some for the first time. This latest has an extra disc of extras with John Lassiter and the author, Diana Wynne Jones etc.
Also bought some bagels from M & S and the papers to see if any boot sales are on this weekend. Good to see one in Anderton on Sunday. Let's hope the weather stays fine.


pati b said...

Archie, This is TOO GOOD !!! Wow, you are great at animation, wish I had the time to learn it too. Keep up the good work.
Pati Bristow
mailartist, California, USA

michael said...

I wish I had the patience too Pati, though Flash animation seems a lot easier that CGI and other types one can learn on the computer. Thanks for dropping by.

Roger Stevens said...

Boot sales...?

It's tooooo cold!!!!!

michael said...

Not cold here- quite springlike in fact. Some showers about though so touch and go whether the boot sale will be worth going to.