Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Melted away to nothing

Archie's snowman 2
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All the snow is mostly gone now but we had quite a heap of it on Saturday. I trudged to town pretending I was Scott of the Antartic. Mush! And then it turned to slush!
Sunday we went to a boot sale at Witton Albion FA. There was FA there in fact but Hazel bought a ROUND TUIT which she'd always wanted, for 50p. Archie bought a book of Garfield cartoons. I guess he was desperate! It was perishing cold so not surprised at the meagre turnout.
Archie's knee seems a little better so he returned to school yesterday with no problems.
O yes. he built several snowmen over the weekend and this one (above) is the most bizarre. Obviously influenced by Tim Burton?
Sad news that the great and much missed poet, song writer, comedian and author Ivor Cutler died aged 83 last week. Shame on the BBC for not even mentioning it. You will find an obituary inthe Guardian HERE and also a little bit about our meeting with him HERE.

Yesterday I walked into town again in the sleet and drizzle ( slizzle?) and got a few things - some bread, slicing sausage, a record by Hank Snow ( how appropriate!) and borrowed stuff from the library. The video of "Legend of 1900" was there that I ordered. A bit disapointing and not nearly as good as the directors finest work "Cinema Paradiso". Also borrowed Ray Davies' first studio solo album which is good though not really listened to it properly yet , and Clap Hands And Say Yeah which sounds a bit like the early Talking Heads and worthy of investigation.
The snow has turned to rain and the snowman looks like a very sad and dejected grey amorphous blob


Jon said...

Snow??!! All we got was endless rain...

michael said...

Well, it was long overdue. Archie was getting very frustrated that all the snow seemed to be falling on London and the Home Counties since we moved up to Cheshire! All the time we lived there we didnt get any!

Roger Stevens said...

No snow dahn souf either.

Just finished a seemingly endless run of school visits which has left me with a cold (all those runny-nosed children) - now a whole week working at home - yipeeeee!!!!

Sad about Ivor Cutler. Played Jammy Smears again yesterday. What a great album that is. Did I send you the Ivor video? Can't remember.

Hey ho!

michael said...

Its our turn now. More forecaste for tomorrow. Bang goes our car booting on Sunday.
Yes, you did send the Ivor video. Ive transferred it to DVD now though hoping the Beeb might show it on BBC2 and I'll get a better copy - yours seems to miss a bit at the beginning. Jammy Smears is one of my favourites too. I bought all three Virgin albums when we met him for the first time. "Ludo" is supposed to be good but never seen it in any record shops.

Christi Lee said...

Very Beautiful Picture. I love your pictures.

michael said...

Thanks christi. One of my favourites too.