Tuesday, February 21, 2006

It's quiet around here.

Crabby Road
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Still missing Archie but nice to get his text messages and the odd phone call. I spoke to him in person yesterday and he sounds like he was in the next room which was very strange. He sounded fine except for the blisters on his feet from too much skiing! He texted again today and said his feet were feeling better and he was on the Red slope which is slightly harder than the nursery slope. He seems to be enjoying it. His spelling isn't getting any better as he said he was having a "grate" time. Could be the text though as they tend to choose the wrong word sometimes.
Just back from town which was very cold and windy despite a clear blue sky ( now clouded over). I got some bagels and cherry and fruit cake from M & S that hazel fancied. Also a PS game called Diablo in a charity shop.
Sunday we went to the Antique Centre in Barnton which is a converted pub - a great ramblingplace with dozens of rooms up rickety stairs and nooks and crannies stuffed full of mostly hideous old junk. I did look through some old postcards and sepia photos but nothing caught my eye and all very expensive.
Later Hazel drove Audrey over to Lady Hayes for more antique hunting. She bought a few strange metal objects for her blog including an Old Bill ceramic mug to put her pencils in.
Good to hear The Mighty Boosh on the Radio 7 and took advantage of the listen again thingy to record all six shows for Archie as a treat when he gets back and for Hazel's iPod.
We have a house guest at the moment, a goldfish called Dora, who belongs to our neighbours who are on holiday in Scotland over half term. We also have to uncover and feed the rabbit and guinea pig who acalled Pippin and Merry. They live in the back garden of our neighbours house but have a duvet over the hutch at night as its so cold. This is a bit of a faff to get on and off as its tucked under a tarpaulin and has house bricks weighing it down. Still, they do the same for us when we are away and so we don't mind. Sadly they are selling their house and won't be our neighbours for much longer. All our nice neighbours have moved or died!
O yes, Archie said he was going bowling tonight and maybe swimming tomorrow so lots of things to do besides the skiing. He'll sleep for a week when he gets home!

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hazel said...

Not quite a week but he didnt wake up until Sunday lunchtime. His meals in Autria didnt sound all that great but they did their best to accomodate him most days despite the concept of vegetarianism being totally alien to them it seems. Even oneof the teachers , who you'd think would know better, called him a "fussy" eater because he doesnt eat meat!