Friday, January 06, 2006

Wonky wardrobe fun!

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Not really. I had to make a hanging rail for Hazel's jackets etc. that she had scattered around the bedroom on picture rails and on chairs etc. We went to B&Q to get the expensive fixings and the expensive broom handle. A broom handle was £2.95 and a peice of dowel of the same length was £8.95 so we plumped for the broom handle. When it breaks from weight of garments I expect we shall wish we got the dowel but hopefully it won't.
Hazel was upset that NEXT hadn't yet opened - indeed the shopfitters were still painting and wiring the place up so doubt whether it will be open before the end of January.
Then went to Granma's to take down the decorations, this being 12th night and if you don't they all turn into pumpkins.
This took longer than we thought as the boxes that they put them all in were wedged in the wardrobe and the sliding door had come adrift and had to be manhandled back into it's grooves.
Then home to take down our decorations which was fun. Tree left an impressive wake of needles from the living room to the front door. Hazel hoovered them up and filled the Dyson several times. She bagged some up for the needle fairy and left them in the grate.


michael said...

HAzel said....what mickel hasn't mentioned is the new and revolutionary design...the hanging rail is at an angle which allows the clothes to slide down unaided and thus compact one side..this allow more clothes to be hung and the ones at the end to become fossilized...I don't know why no one had ever done it before!!...must get onto Ikea and let them know about this new designI must be grateful though....

michael said...

I must admit I was rather pleased with the end result. I think I have inherited my Dad's DIY skills. He used to sellotape furniture together on a regular basis and put wooden knobs on things that didn't need knobs just for effect.

Jonathan said...

I kind of like the idea of putting knobs on things that don't need knobs... gives you something to hold on to...

Cate said...

Hazel and Michael,
I'm charmed. I've never heard of the decorations turning into pumpkins if you don't take them down on the 12th night, or of leaving some of the needles in the grate for the needle fairy.

I think Michael's come up with a new angle on closet rods (pun intended)!

Also, while I'm at it. We used a plain iron pipe as a closet rod. It wasn't very pretty but it sure was strong.

michael said...

You would have thought with Hazel's metalworking skills that she would have welded together an iron pipe for the closet! The broom handle seems to be holding so far with the weight of clobber Hazel's piled on it. It doesnt all slide down one end thankfully.
I used some poetic license ofcourse with the pumpkins and needle fairies though it's possible in some parts of the world they have superstitions that are even more unlikely!