Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Curios Tuesday

Curios Thing 15
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Unlucky for some. It wasnt too bad actually despite the heavy shopping bag weighing me down and making my arms ache. I looked round for a bus but by that time I'd spent all my money anyway! Found a few bits and bobs for under the tree including a PC game about planet colonising and space station building for Archie. He likes all those Zoo, City, Rollercoaster Tycoon etc. type build up an empire games so he'll probably like this. Also some Popeye films on DVD from the 50's that have a couple of great old Fleischer Bros. animations sprinkled in between. A bargain for two quid in a charity shop. Bought a calender for next year to write reminders on- dentist appiontments, holidays, etc. Some typing and copying paper and sellotape. Found "Kid A" by radiohead for 50p which must be a bargain. I havent really liked much of what they do though- all sounds a bit doomy and gloomy to me. Also "We Are Scientists" from the library which is good and reminds me of Franz Ferdinand and The Kaiser Chiefs a bit.
The postman has just been. A card and nice letter from someone who I used to work with and they moved to Amsterdam a few years back and I lost touch with them so that was nice. No address on the letter or envelope though so hope the old one will find them. Posted tons of cards and packets today. The post box was full and they all slid out again so had to find another to stick them in!

A bit out of date but you can find a page about my Gocco exploits a couple of years ago courtesy of Mark Pawson HERE.

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