Saturday, November 19, 2005

Space Junk!

Space Junk!
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Christmas junk more like - the shops are full of it! I walked into town yesterday and looked around, trying not to slip on the icey pavements. Brrr! It was very frosty but warmed up as the morning went on. I borrowed a couple of CD's from the library - Maximo Park's "A Certain Trigger" which is exellent despite the lead singers very odd haircut which makes him look like an extra from Bleak House ( which we have been enjoying on the box ). Also the latest from Gorillaz which Archie wanted to hear.
A loaf of crusty wholemeal from Greggs. My teeth dont like it though - I think i may have a cracked filling so good job it's my six monthly checkup at the dentists next week.
I resisted the junk and got a couple of cheap DVD's. Quite a pile of them now and hardly any time to watch any though we did see the old David Lean version of Great Expectations the other evening. Strong on atmostphere but the dialogue was pretty naff- maybe it was the clipped posh english accents.
Archie's animation was seen by lots of people and shown to various teachers at the school who were duly impressed but still tight with the old vouchers or whatever they are called.


scrapatorium said...

That's a gorgeous collage!!

michael said...

Thanks Angelica. It seems quite popular at Flickr too as 5 people have called it a favourite so far.

hazel said...

MERITs...they are called MERITS....

Cocaine Jesus said...

I didn't get merits, I got expelled. Que Sera. Good old Archie. Well done! 'fraid I missed it. Wish I hadn't 'coz then I could have leapt up and told my kids "I know him, I know him"!!!

Syl said...

It is indeed a lovely collage and one I will fave.
Sorry to hear about the filling...Teeth...a necessary bother! ;-)
Hope Hazel was able to get/or will get a copy of Archie's latest, and that you can put it on here. Would absolutely enjoy seeing it.
Yummmm, that bread sounds nice...perfect with a potato/leek soup.
Jon is off to the Cape again til Thanksgiving...and has the digital. With nae camera or company, maybe I shall drag out the paper & glue again.
Hello to all.

michael said...

Merits! Yes, what a stupid idea. It winds Archie up somefink rotten! All you get at the end of the year is a lousy book token anyway so don't see why he's so worried. I never won anything at school even for art which was my best subject. I made up for it later though ofcourse. I expect Archie will too. He's doing fine anyway with all these accolades his films are getting etc.

Not looking forward to the dentist though much better at going now than when i was younger. Once I didnt go for ten years! When i finally went with terrible toothache I had to have two out and about 6 fillings! Luckliy I was on the dole at the time so it cost me nothing. Now its like £200 a year just for checkups and hygenist scrapes and polish.