Sunday, October 30, 2005

Pumpkins galore!

Terror Tots
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Looking for the boot sale today at the Cabbage Hall ( don't ask!) but didn't find it. It was raining so probably just as well. Went instead to the Farm Shop nearby which was massve and more like a delicatessen with hundreds of cheeses, wine, an olive selection, and tons of vegetables we suspect weren't grown anywhere near the farm! So we bought some garlic, assorted oily herby olives and a big stick of brussels for Audrey (it's the only veg. besides peas she will eat).
Home again for a second breakfast. Those Hobbits had the right idea!
Now it's the afternoon and hazel and Archie have gone for a ski lesson at the "pretend" ski slope over near Runcorn with James and his Mum. Archie is off to Austria next Feb. so needs some practise! He's never been before.
Luckily the sun has come out now so hopefully they had the same over there .
O yes, I forget to say that the farm shop also boasted the biggest selection of pumpkins I'd ever seen. Sadly, I left my camera at home , as did Hazel, so didnt take a photo of them.


Syl said...

Aw...Archie off to Austria skiing? Sounds so absolutely splenderferous. Me, I'd break my neck first time up...but oh, don't you love seeing all these experiences evolve? Darn, would like to do it again!

michael said...

He's getting a bit nervous about it already! He hasnt been away from home for so long before and another country too- a big step for a 13 year old. He's enjoying the lessons so hopefully will feel more positive about it aftera couple more.