Friday, September 23, 2005

Blogging train late again!

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Sorry, i seem to have been neglecting my blogs just lately, especially this one. The truth is I havent really been doing anything out of the ordinairy. The usual collaging, internet,music,shopping, cooking, etc. The collage here is another made for the iRobot group at Flickr.
I walked into town Wednesday to get a few things we were running out of- apples, bananas, milk etc. My arm had stretched about three inches by the time I got the heavy bag of shopping home! I can now pick up any dropped coins I find in the gutter without much bending!
Archie has a new piece of Spanish guitar to learn. Seems the teacher is moving away from the pop and rock stuff to more serious tricky work now. Archie seems to be coping with it quite well. He's getting another animation ready for the Exposures Film festival in Manchester soon. He just recieved a DVD of last years "Show Reel" of the best stuff which his "Light The House" is on. It's been sent round to schools and colleges all round the country so he's dead chuffed.


Cate said...

Absolutely love this!

Poor thing was probably trying to scale the tallest building to proclaim his love to the female robot in the bottom right corner, but she was frightened by the pesky planes which she thought might get caught in her wirey hair and used her hydraulics to lower her head into the slot above her shoulders. So she didn't hear him shouting her name. What a shame.

Cate said...

P.S. Archie is amazing. At what age did he begin his guitar lessons? I'd like for my grands to have some training in music but they seem to suffer from "packed schedule syndrome."

scrapatorium said...

Love that collage M! Maybe we should do a ROBOT theme over at Scrapiteria sometime.

Tell Archie congrats on the DVD and good luck with his project. I'm sure it will be excellent. As for his guitar playing, have you seen that documentary, ROCK SCHOOL? It's a school somewhere in the east that teaches kids classic, old school rock. The most skilled kids learn Frank Zappa. It's worth seeing.

michael said...

Thanks cate. archie started guitar lessons only a few weeks ago now so he's doing quite well and strums chords and makes up silly songs to go with them. I'll have record some but he gets all embarressed so a bit tricky!

Yes, thanks Angelica, a robot theme sounds like an obvious choice for Scrapiteria- I really enjoy doing them.
I believe that documentary is coming to UK tv next week. It has gene Simmons of Kiss as one of the tutors!?

scrapatorium said...

That must be another documentary Michael. Hmmm, curious now.

michael said...

Yes, I just checked in the TV paper Angelica and this is a school in England where they teach mostly classical music and the kids all wear tudor outfits. Sounds like a fun programme. Gene has to turn them into a rock band in just 6 weeks.

Lots of good music on the box this week. A two part Dylan doc. starting tonight and Martin Scorseses doc series about the blues starting Friday. great!