Saturday, August 13, 2005

Holiday memories.

Oslo harbour
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Luckliy we missed the BA strike fiasco that afflicted the Heathrow bound flights and managed to get home without too much upset. Poor Archie though was picked out whilst going through the metal detector gate thing. Turns out he had some metal strips in his trainers which he had to take off and put through another conveyor belt gadget much to his embarressment. If this wasn't bad enough they found his spud gun in his ruckrack which we'd forgotten all about and they had to confisgate it which really upset him. On the ingoing trip we had four spud guns in our big luggage and the metal strips in his shoes didnt even show up! Typical. Still its reassuring they are on the ball in Oslo at least.
My ears didnt hurt on the way back either which was good. Going, they were very painful despite the special earplugs I was using.
In Oslo we stayed at the Savoy Hotel which sounds very grand but is quite ordinairy by Norwegian standards. It is slap bang in the centre of Oslo just a short walk from the Nasjonnalgalleriat which is the equivelent of the Tate in London. You can walk to most places of interest or take the short boat ride to the peninsula where most of the big museums are- like the Folk Museum, The Viking Ships Museum, the Kon Tiki Museum and the Polar Ship ~Museum. We did that last time we went to Oslo four years ago so this time we did the castle, the Film Museum, the Vigeland Museum and Sculpture park and the Historik Museum. Our feet ached quite a bit after all of these I can tell you! We had a short boat "mini-cruise" around the fiord too which was fun which lasted about 50 minutes with a guide telling you about the places of interest and the islands in the fiord.

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hazel said...

This photo was taken high up on the can walk on the very edge of 40 foot drop and made my legs go wobbily..thats why i am clinging to the bench as the drop was only on couple of feet away!!