Monday, July 18, 2005

Woodworm hunt.

Hazel found some woodworm in a wicker basket in the front room and so has been on a woodworm hunt ever since. She's scared they may have got into other wickerwork so a pile of baskets now all bagged up in the garden, ready to go to the tip.
The video was standing on one wicker hamper so now we have utilised an old record player cabinet for the time being. Most TV tables are pretty hideous so looking out for something we can live with and that is not edible!
Having several blogs on the go now makes it harder to update this one so I must try and remember what has happened over the last few days.
James came over yesterday to play with Archie which was all going well until they stated to play with spud guns in the garden. James went upstairs to shoot ou the open window and he accidentally knocked over some of Archie's lego models of Hogwarts on the window sill. I though the roof was coming down! A great avalanche of lego bricks came crashing to the back yard. I rushed outside expecting to see James hanging from the guttering but he was looking rather embarressed- poking his round red face out of the window.
The boot sales on Sunday were a bit of a disapointment with only a video of Austin Powers to show for it. It was very hot again so were quite glad to get back to our nice cool house.
Hazel and Archie went to queue at Smiths for the new Harry Potter book at midnight last Friday (did I say?). Only a few people there at first being taunted by some drunks coming back from the chip shop. Hazel decided to move the car as the car park was a bit isolated and only three cars in it. When they came back the queue had grown considerably and by the time the doors opened it stretched for 200 yards or more and the drunks were in a minority and keeping their distance incase they were attacked by little girls in pointy hats and broomsticks!


Syl said...

Oh...Harry Potter...people lined up at midnite here for the opening. Jon found a pair of Harry Potter glasses on the way to the poetry readings and was quite pleased! Might have to do another picture of him in costume. Finally listened to Peaceful Street...cracked me up and sounded too much like our own street...grasscutters arriving at ridiculous screaming down the way! Anyway the sounds were just great so thanks for sharing that musical jewel.
Don't know how you keep up with all yer new blogs, Michael. Mr. Energy with extra batteries. But they all cover different aspects of your interest and are well made.
That's the end of my book. To be published shortly!

michael said...

Glad someone is able to listen to these music files Syl. Thanks for the feedback. I will add some more soon. It takes me so long to find things and copy them to CD and then to change the file name etc. Its a bit of a faff (as Hazel might say) but worth it in the end. I'm sure there must be a quicker way but i haven't found it yet! As for making my own podcasts, well that day will come I'm sure. More blogs to come too. Look forward to that book!?!

Roger Stevens said...

I queued for two hours for the Harry Potter book before I realised I'd been queueing at the wrong shop. They don't sell it at the butcher's.

As it happened I was also queueing at the wrong time. Half past ten in the morning.

And on the wrong day.
So no luck with the book.

I did buy some very nice sausages though.

michael said...

Did they have hog warts on them?

michael said...
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