Monday, May 02, 2005

Here we go round the Marbury bush.

marbury mere
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Also the trees, woods, dusty bluebells etc. But that was yesterday. Seems we missed a muddy boot sale over at Weaverham that wasn't advertised in our local paper. Nevermind, we went to two today to make up for it. The first was in the Kwik Save car park in town. I didn't find much really just an old Time/Life book about inventions which I think we have already so will use this one for collage material. Also a cheap PS2 game, Max Payne, where you run around New York shooting the bad guys. Hazel found some strange darning/cobbling needles in a round wooden box and an ancient light bulb with springy filament.
Then we drove over to the Slow and Easy pub where there was a boot sale near to Granma's house. It was getting quite hot by this time. I found a CD of old field recordings of prisoners and preachers etc. in the southern states of America in the 30's and 40's. Terrible crackly sound but some interesting songs for Boot Sale Sounds (see links). I didn't find any vinyl unfortunately. Also a 1973 Dandy for Archie but he already had it.
Afterwards we had a huge lunch at Gramna's house and collapsed on the sofa.( We pulled up some weeds and dandelions in Granma's garden and kicked a ball about until the lunch was ready.)
No need for a big dinner tonight as I am still full! Granma's sure know how to fill you up!
Hazel and Archie are in the garden doing things to snails. Hazel is reading the Sunday papers in her conservatory/workshop again.
What music shall we have today? Let me see....

Huey Smith - Rockin' Behind the Iron Curtain

Huey Smith - Somebody Put A Tack (In My Cotton Pickin' Chair)

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tim scannell said...

thanx mucho for the return card and other 2 cards
this is tim scannell in port angeles
um...,oh yes, the mail is xpensive and all yet still sooooooooooooooooooooooo much fun to send that i will keep it goin' yr way...and you can do answering via e-mail
oh, this is a 1st 4 me 2...blogcom(ment)...should be dubbed
'blogcoms' i guess
STUFF: i like to watch 'life laundry'...the
oh, i like 'cash in the attic' as well 'cause folks are rewarded for saving things...??? 'life laundry'
um, don't like 'bargain hunt' however 'cause the host is a JERK!!
used to watch 'one foot in the grave'...........i soooooooo loved
his IRRITATION!!!! hahahaha
oh, laurel & favorites are....1)selling the christmas tree, and 2)the piano up the stairs.
um, of i like spike jones, too.
um..., my 1st 'mail-art' rather like a letter (the 1 2 u), i have done 5 new 1's since yrs & all reguier, i sent to
'eileen' who is going to have a show of what she has gotten 8/05...@ durham city art center...(centre).
thanx again............will make another 4 u...oh, conservatory project funny...hazel looks tooooooooooo studious in it..needs a pinata(SP?)...with 100
colors............not as hilarious as'blanding builds his dream house'...cary grant, etc. (the cons. i mean (don't know whether hazel is hilarious or no...:):)!

son sounds wonderful............

how long are the comments 2B?
happy, tho, to say HI..........
blessings and safety
tim scannell
port angeles WA...........6pm
happy u liked poems

Syl said...

well, all this...and all I wanted to say is where are the bluebells?!
Though, have to say, was poetry in the reading.

michael said...

Thanks Tim. Glad you liked the cards etc. No Comment too long.
Hazel is very hilarious and hasa similar sense of humour to me I'm glad to say.
We tend to watch the same comedy progs. Our favourites are Peter Kay, Basil Fawlty, The Two Ronnies, and French and Saunders at the moment. Hazel is a big Coronation St. fan -this is where we differ as I can't watch soaps, no matter how well written they are.
Syl. Sorry no bluebells here but some pale looking specimens over at Flickr. My camera didnt do them justice I'm afraid.
It's only a cheap one and I'm still trying to figure out all its settings which are mind-bogglingly difficult to fathom!

tim scannell said...

wow...gonna take 3-4,000 yrs just to go thru the likks you added to

um, note you've been @ this
4 20 yrs.

have u written the definitive
&, if so,
let me know.

sending an envelope to u...just 'cause
u like male.

oh, @ hyde park...(few yrs. ago)
horse chestnut tree
gray squirrels
(both IMPORTS to my childhood
fun to take nut from green husk
fun to see BIG GRAYS
(we have little 'uns here...really pretty reddish...loud chitters)


michael said...

Have written a few lines about collage and my mail art activities for various publications but nothing really of any significance Tim.
We had red squirrels once but the american grey was imported and drove the reds away! They now are an endangered species here with pockets of them in Lancashire etc.

Roger Stevens said...

How big are the pockets?

Just wondering...

michael said...

Mostly those big patch pockets that can hold up to a dozen squirrels at a squeeze!

michael said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Roger Stevens said...

That's pretty good.

Mind you in the old days you could get 25 squirrels in a pocket and still have room for a couple of otters.

Roger Stevens said...

Tim - Stamp collecting eh? What do you specialise in?
And I am intrigued by the poems you have had published.
And your occupation - what is ret?

tim scannell said...

roger...ret(ired)...after 22 yrs. teaching...i am so happy not to have 2 follow RULES any more when writing

great brit.

um, happy to swap 500 u.s. commeratives for 500 brit.

oh, poems...1,300 poems, reviews (about 300 of those...of poetry chapbooks); and a score of articles on alternate zines...poetry, etc.

if you would like a snail-mail pkg...of
stamps or poems or 'mail-art' or just a happy hello.........let me

tim scannell
21 kruse road
port angeles, WA

tim scannell said...

my comment directed to 'roger' did not show come??

novice here


michael said...

Sometimes they pop up when you least expect it! Comments too!
I have tons of British commemoratives I can send you Tim.
Thankfully the ghastly grinning ghoul, Michael Howard, didnt get in to government but he will make Blair's life more difficult now. Sadly the Lippy Demogrips didnt do as well as expected. Glad all this election nonsense is over now as I was getting pretty sick of the carping and petty squabbles etc. They are all pretty horrible when it comes down to it.