Sunday, May 08, 2005


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Just back from the boot sale at Hartford High School. I didn't find much, just a scratchy record of Tufty the Squirrel- songs, rhymes and stories. Tufty used to teach road safety in short cartoons back in the 60 and 70's.
Hazel got some old radio valves and Archie was in a strange grumpy mood, maybe because he didn't find any Beanos and Dandys? I found his some PS2 games to cheer him up.
The rain came down just as we were leaving so it was quite good timing for a change. It was bitterly cold too - more like October than May.
Hazel has gone to take her Mom and sister round the boot sale now the sun is back out again.
Time to go and sort through the postcard albums again. This crocodile card i made back in the 80's carved from a Dick Blick peice of rubber that someone sent me from the U.S.

Bill Haley - Yodel Your Blues Away


Syl said...

Yes, rather unseasonably cold, blustery, rainy days here too, so I'm staying put...and yodeling my blues away. Had an email from bigal...great to hear from him! He says he won't be back...I think he will eventually. Hopefully feeling good and energetic and positive about everything. I am going to drop Angelica a line...just keep in touch. Have a few old pictures she might like. Did the tiles get laid? Has Hazel moved her gear into the conservatory yet? HI, HAZEL and ARCHIE!
Take care, all!

michael said...

I tried to add another song to this from the boxed set of Country Greats (or whatever its called?) today but the computer is being very tetchy today- whirring away like a mad thing! Juts too hot for all this information flying around I guess- but the new updates seem to have curdled its innerds slightly. perhaps curdled isn't the right word - wurdled?
Anyway, good that Al got in touch. he sent me a brief e-mail too to say everyhting was o.k. but he wouldnt be doing Flickr - pastures gnu? So we shall see. It will be a quieter and less amusing place without his imput thats for sure. Hopefully he will return someday.
Angelica too.
Tiles still not laid. Tiler keeping a low profiler. He won't return our calls. Maybe he still has the flu'? Maybe he's tiled himself into a corner and can't get out? I just missed my chance of taking a photo of Archie practising his geetar - now Coronation street is on and so i daren't go in there and disturb the ambience.
I will try later.
meanwhile - many happy returns of the blog and our bloggy friends!

Syl said...

Hey flickr "having a massage"? site won't respond and can't get on! :-(

michael said...

Could be Syl - Flickr tends to have massages everyday! The massage is in the medium? Was it Marshall Matt Dillon who said that?

Roger Stevens said...

Don't disturb the ambience whatever you do.
I remember when they all went on strike a few years back.

last night Jill and I watched four episodes back to back of my favourite fantasy series - The West Wing.

I woke up this morning dreaming it.
Now - if I were PM here's what I'd do...

Roger Stevens said...


When I went up the garden this morning to water the tomato seedlings in the greenhouse - I spotted a snail with a big white seven painted on his back.

Maybe you should pass that info on to Archie.

michael said...

Archie seemed skeptickle when i told him about the slug that Roger found in his greenhouse with seven written on his back. "Maybe it jumped on a bus?" he said smiling.
I have never watched the West Wing. I don't like dramas about politicians as a rule. I didn't like Rik Mayall as Bastard thingy or the one with Nigel Hawthorne, Yes Minister.

Cocaine Jesus said...

How come i've got a half dozen rogue painted snails bltzing my herbaceous glands then eh?

One seems to be carrying some kind of industrial sized flame thrower and is assas...assin...assis...KILLING all the magpies and crows.

And there is another over in the shade of the rhubarb that is smoking some dubious leaf and looking very happy with himself.

I tried pouring salt onto the bastards but they just hosed me down with copious amounts of rainwater.

I can't understand a bloody word they are saying sounds a bit like...
'Arrrrr yew maaaaad ferit?'

I don't know what mad ferret is or where I can get one.

Can anyone help?