Monday, May 30, 2005

Baffling Vlog and video bloggy.

Headcahe still from too much sun and fun at boot sale this morning over at Sutton Fields near Frodsham. I didnt get anything atall which is unusual. Maybe the headache didnt help. Hazel got lods of metal tins and odd bits and pieces for her blog and workshop. Archie did well too, with two old annuals for 50p - a Topper and Dennis the Menace.
Home to try and figure out how to put videos onto blog. Still not sure how its done despite watching several useful tutorials. Anyway, heres a link right here.

This is Archie on a strange old roundabout we found in a park in Frodsham last time we went.


Big Al said...

It works!

michael said...

Hey Al, it sure does! But no sound which is odd as it had sound to start with? I must have pressed the wrong oojimaflip or something?!
Just had fun doin g another clip that hazel took on her camera. Mercifully short. It will appear on Flickr or here tomorrow probably. Its like watching paint dry waiting for videos to downlaod even short ones with broadband!

iHanna said...

Hey Michael,
Vlog is in the air, I just posted about it too, yesterday! That damn Renegade right? ;-)


R said...


michael said...

Here she is again! She pops up everywhere!